Restore game progress without DQ-Account?

I’ve played DQ for some time and linked it to my google-account. But i didnt create a DQ-Account.
Yesterday I’ve reseted my device and my progress is gone. My three slots are availibable but no chars and no game progress. Is there a possibility to restore my game progress and my chars, stashes etc?

Is your device rooted?

There is a local file that contains your characters, but if that file gets deleted somehow, then it’s gone, short of finding an undelete. Once you restarted the game, I believe it recreated the file, so chances are, even with an undelete utility, you probably can’t get it back.

The purpose of the DQ Account is for situations like this, where something got corrupted or deleted (and of course, for keeping your characters on multiple devices).

I really see no way for you to retrieve the information at this point.

My device is not rooted and I’ve already been thinking that that is not possible. But asking doesn’t cost anything :wink:
Well lets lvl all those chars once again.

Thank you very much for the quick response.