Retrying for eternal pets

Ive been retrying this quest with eternal pet drop since september 2020 like a few times in a week and here are screenshots of pets ive picked up and discarded of course.

Happy new year guys

Edit: im using 988% eternal map when repeating this quest over and over and sometimes i get 2 eternal pet in a row because i also put 149/150 the legendary enslaver




well, if you used the same map to get all of these Eternal Pets, it looks like a Programing Loophole that needs to be fixed by @tdaniel or one of the other Dev’s.

there was a Loophole that allowed Players to exploit Obsidian Crystals that was fixed in Patch 3.0. it wasn’t a Hack, but it also wasn’t what the Developers intended for the game.

Eternal Pets are very rare because they are so powerful.


Hmm was high asf when doing this post i think, it wasnt explained well, im doing the 149/150 enslaver pet that will drop a sure 100% legendary pet or eternal pet and the 7/8 slay mythic enslaver to get a 100% eternal pet.

And im using a 988% luck eternal map.

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umm, I guess I might have read it wrong with it being written wrong. I understand using the Eternal Map when you have the Feats ready to drop the Mythic Pet, but the Pet is automatically Eternal, with the Eternal Map giving a better chance for other Legend Pets to be Eternal also.

the way I read your post is that you got 34ish Eternal Pets in 3 months using a +988% Luck Eternal Map for all of them, by only playing a few times a week, by repeating the Feat over & over the few times you played.

even using a 1 hour Monster Boost and going straight for the Enslaver only in each Map, it would still take some time to get that many Eternal Pets. it is possible do get them in a short time, after your thumbs fell off :face_with_head_bandage::+1:, which is why I wrote me post the way I did.

umm, also, if you are showing all the Eternal Pets you have found since you have started playing, and the end of your post is only about a few Eternal Pets that you found since September, then I apologize for my misunderstanding.


Ye. I just redownload the data if im not doing anything.
Just repeating the enslavers quest again and again hoping for something useful. And if the pets affixes are ugly, i just redownload again later. Im practically doing nothing other than playing pc games all this time since lockdowns and im jobless too lmao, which is sad asf.

And sad part of this are these slimes drops are too high and annoying. They get some of the best affixes combo too, devs intended for sure, but fck man.


so many Slimes, so much time… and although I didn’t read all of the affixes, I did notice that there are some really good Pets for some Builds!


I hate slimes thou, curses!

Heres a short vid of me doing these quest


Give me the slimes :wink:


cool, are you using Explosive affix with Crushing Flames & Skullshield? nice combo if you are.


Yeah, pretty much high dps skullshield(40) with explosive for aoe and cf for clearing.

Im just waiting for my dream eternal pet affix to come soon. Rngeezus will be granting my wishes lol.
No slimes drop please lmao.