Returning player here...what's new now?

hey guys. just got back to playing DQ, been busy with RL lol. anyway, my last update was the patch when ascension was just released (until now i haven’t finished my first ascension as i’m stuck at level 88 lol. levelling up is hard -.-).

a few things i’ve noticed compared to when i last played is that vials seem to have been nerfed. i find that they don’t crit everytime you slab on some coatweapon. stealth seems to also have lost its invulnerability. used to save my behind in a pinch before, but now it doesn’t.

also checked up on some of the new affixes and they don’t seem to appear on the dictionary (affixes like max shock damage, electrocution, etc). is there an updated list of affixes here with their descriptions? so far the lists i’ve checked here on the forum are outdated. i think rubik’s crystallography needs an update as well as to what affixes you can now get from crystals given the huge update.

thanks to the devs for their efforts on keeping DQ alive and well!!

Have you read this?

thanks for the link. guess the patch notes were what i was after. still, it’d be nice to know what changes were made regards to crafting. or has there been no change at all? i’m assuming that since there’s no mention in the patch notes that the new affixes can’t be gotten via ruby (at least i think ruby is what you use to get legend affixes, right?).

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There were no changes at all only added(dust crafting)

And yess

i see. thanks deathGG. guess i’ll be playing a while and just ask if i encounter something new.

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Happy playing!!

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that avatar…fantastic!!

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I recommend, crushing flames + 200% exp (myth) to begin


lol :smiley:

i’d like to try, but sadly i don’t have any +exp mythstones on me, hence me being stuck at lvl 88 on my FIRST ascension T_T

i’ll check out this crushing flames though. seems to be all the rave with DQ 3.0 especially when paired with something like frozen.

Crushing flames increases crushing blow DMG immensely and makes Fire GREAT AGAIN! Fire was already good but it’s far better thanks to crushing flames as it makes high floor enemies that much easier , even the epic+ enemies.

With frozen, it’s even better since the frozen explosions can stack DMG and accumulate to destroy all sorts of enemies. Crushing flames severely reduces enemies HP and easily destroys them quick enough.

Crushing flames best with 60% crushing blow , Inferno, Sorcery, Blistering, Etc. It’s very powerful. It even gives fire increased Immolation DMG from elemental crit.

This is true.

It does tons of damage.
Especially with both the Haunting and Epiphany bonuses. The creeps literally pop. The bosses become toilet cleaners. :laughing:

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Can someone show a detailed crushing flames/crushing blow build?