Returning player, need help with builds

this is my rogue, was following a guide back in 2017 but can no longer find it…

this is my wizard i use as my hireling, was following a guide for it too but don’t know where to go now…

any and all help is appreciated.

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if you are using Living Force for the Wizards Orb Skill, that was changed. Orb is no longer considered a Ranged Skill affected by Living Force. I think it was changed in 3.0, and this is an older Farm Build. it will still work with the Pierce Skill of the Sword.

if you are going to focus on Orb for the Wizard, take out the Epic +5000 ED’s and put in Attack Speed until you get the +60% Cap. that way you can pump out a ton of Orbs since you are using Discordance. of course, if you are doing that, replace Living Force with something else, unless you still want it for the Pierce, but that is only doing 200% MH, and is way under powered compared to Orb on this Build.

eventually you will want to put in Crystal Affixes with Obsidian. this will allow you to power up your Build a lot. one of them should be a +90% Weaken. if you read Mid’s Weaken, Ignore Resist, Effective 3.0 post, you will understand how big a boost that will be for your Wizard. Weaken +100% to +200% is way better, since you will cause Weaken all the time, instead of 90% of the time. and Weaken over +100% or higher gives a significant DMG boost.

your Rogue is ranged support and the Farmer, but I would replace that WD +5000 on the Flintlock with Move Speed. you will more than make up the DMG from Momentum Set. at least I think you should. Flintlock is a low DMG Weapon but high DPS with Ricochet. plus the extra movement will help you get out of the way of danger if you get into trouble.

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Any suggestions on what to replace living force with? Also maybe some suggestions for a new farming build? I’m open to making a new build.


I was looking at your Wizard again and noticed you have Arc Dodge on the Eternal Zeus. if you make one of the Crystals affixes you put on your Wizard +30% Dodge,that will that make your Arc Dodge more useful, and replace the Living Force Set with Pathfinder, which increases DMG & gives Damage Resistance based on a percentage of your Dodge (Pathfinder (5) with Dodge +60% gives +37.5% DMG & Damage Resistance). you would need to Jasper it to Rogue to get Pathfinder with Amethyst and then Jasper it back to Wizard.

as you can see with your Rogue Farmer, any Farm Build would require you to think of what kind of Farming you want to do. a General Farm Build would have Gold Find, Luck and maybe Item Drop at Cap, and maybe Nadroji with Nadroji Bonus. adding Crystaline, Mythic, and/or Eternalized Sets drops the DMG potential of the Build, but helps you farm more stuff for making different or better builds. not to mention you want your farmer to survive and be some support to your Hireling Tank.

I’m going to try that out on my wizard, thank you. As for the farming build, is there any new updated general farming build I could follow?

the thing is, most Farm Builds are basically the same. most are for farming the basics, like Gold & Items, Myth Stones & Crystals. Farm Builds can also be focused on something, like Pets, Eternal Items, even more Gold, Experience (Ascending Build), Myth Stones and/or Crystals.

another thing is that some Skills are more preferable to others when it comes to farming. the faster you can kill a monster, the better the loot. or to look at it the other way, the longer it takes to kill a monster, the less loot you end up getting.

I like using Nadroji Chest with the Bonus, which means I need 1 more Nadroji item, so that reduces some of my Build options when it comes to Crafting a Farm Build.

if you are going to keep the +1012% Gold Find & Luck, then you also need an item with Epiphany, so another something for better farming but less support for your Tank.

maybe replace one Explosive with a Glasscanon on the Rogue. and do a test to see which is better for your Flintlock, +5000 WD or +100% WD.

I’m just looking for an all around farm build, not super focused on any one thing. I know the builds I am using are outdated, so I was hoping for some suggestions on some more updated and fun farm builds.

Start by max ing block and dodge and luck.

for an all around Farm Build, getting Gold Find & Luck to +650% Cap (+850% with Fortunate Perk) and Item Drop +200% is a basic Farm Build. if you are doing a Main & Hireling Farm Team, the Hireling doesn’t need Gold Find on it, only needs to be on the Main.

you already know about Epiphany (5) getting your 3 Farm Affixes to +1012% Gold Find & Luck and +250% Item Drop with Fortunate Perk.

although an All Around Farm Build doesn’t really need it, Nadroji Bonus can really help, as it increases the chance for monsters to spawn as Magic or Rare Tier monsters by 100%. this means that the rate at which you finish the Monster Killed Feats goes up, which also means you will see Epic, Legend, & Mythic monsters more often, and Magic+ Tier Monsters give better loot than Normal Monsters.

the Luck & Gold Find Boost from Difficulty Level is a part of the Cap, so your Build will be different if it is on Very Easy/Easy or Mythic 3.

the rest of the Build is up to you.

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