Returning player, old build. Looking for suggestions

Been away from the game for about three years. Decided to come back! Anyway, here is the build I was using before my hiatus. Still clears M3 500+ easily. Hireling is a wizard basically just used as a stat stick for farming affixes.

No epiphany yet. Probably gunna drop gold find as dealer perk nets more gold anyway. 500 hp on hit crystal affix is a relic from a bloodmagic/masochism build. Not sure what’s changed since I’ve played last so any suggestions are welcome!!


On high floors hp are useless

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Good build.

Some suggestions I think are to try Dodge instead of 500 hp on hit. Block would only be on offhand by Obsidian so yea. Replace fauns gift and satyrs spirit.

Bloodmagic and mashocism is one good combo, another with defiant. A set affix in alternative to Fauns and Satyrs are Pathfinder + dodge, Demonic or Angelic set, mashocism legend as you’ve mentioned.
Additionally possible to add 50% glasscannon and/or Barbarian + push the Limit for extra DPS. One other mythic if not Bloodmagic being Fury.
Or frozen+electrocution combing with shock element or crushing flames.

Having 225% crit would be nice. Another idea to free up affix slot is -5000 ED for anything else. Execute dmg 100%, double strike 25%.

Amber the special skill is an option too. Could come in handy for Fury or Bloodmagic resource. Or alchemy.

Not bad for an old build, as long as it still does the job, doesn’t matter the changes. Even floor 1000 farming this could probably do. The changes are kinda minor.


Looks like most of your suggestions are close to the Bloodmagic/masochism build I had. Actually did a small write up on it on the forums then. I still have the gear I believe.

BM/Masochism build: High(ish) Rogue farming build


hi there, well for me my hireling has all the damage, and my main is for farming affixes, on higher floors I use crushing flames with electrocution cause it’s very effective in enemies with 0.3 to o.4 healing it can go one on one with a boss well my hireling is rogue cause I’m using ricochet to knock them back fire for MH electric for OH I just use ambush talent to spawn traps on projectiles that’s all I don’t know if its a big help just sharin, happy playin again keepsafe