Revised farming rogue

hey there peeps. this is my revised farming rogue. I’m at an impasse as to what i wanna do with my OH. i wanted to add a mythic in there but i don’t know…
my rogue has 60/60 attack speed, 58/60 dodge, 45/60 crit chance, and 95/350 crit dmg. i would like to put 1 slot in for another crit chance 15% and maybe a 2% hp on hit.

  1. change my OH special to:
    a) Taunt (to group up the mobs, storm proc and
    b) Skulldraga (for skull to shield and dps)

  2. add a mythic or keep the summon fury proc? mythics i was considering: nova, bloodmagic, fury…

given the choice between offense and defense, i would rather have more offense…any suggestions?

also for my chest, should i go for ice dmg +20% or ice dmg 5000? also the aoe for frozen seems to be really small, is it better to use taunt instead so that the mobs are clumped together?

i’d say 5000 ED/100% ED because 20% ed is not really useful for me though.


For MH why don’t you use twister instead of Scattershot , so the mobs will gather together when they are near your twister . sorry for my bad english , hope your understand what i tryna say lol…


Off hand try adding nova mythic. Add apocalypse mythic to main weapon for a chance to summon 3 duties and get rid of the legend fury proc as it’s no longer needed.

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@dickwad thanks! I’ll do just that :slight_smile:

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to be on the safe side, write down how much DMG you are doing now, then replace the +20% Ice with +5000 Ice and see which does better. if you can find an item with a Legend Item with +100% Ice, that would be better than either of the others.

remember, your weapon would need to be doing 25,000+ DMG for +20% Ice to do better than +5000 Ice. that is with Item Quality, Power, WD%, and +WD.

on your Flintlock, write the DMG it is doing, take off the +5000 Ice and put +100% WD, see if that improves the DMG of your MH DMG. maybe move the +5000 Ice to your OH. or move the Extra Attack Chance to your OH and replace it with +100% WD, and you would still have room for one more Ice DMG.

your Crit Chance is good enough, put in another Crit DMG. use Fluorite to max any Epic affixes that are not max yet.

@Juiceflux Buccaneer Set increases DMG of Scattershot. might be better to go with Taunt Proc.


Choices choices :grinning: