Reward chest

Help please i dont see my reward chest in my inventory ;(

Your reward chests appear in your mail first and then you must move them too your inventory :smile:

Yes i did that but didnt appear in my inventory

Check ur mail again sometimes if you don’t wait it has this habit of not putting it into the characters inventory the way it should but it still stays in the mail :smile:

Ok i hope so i got a eternal chest when i hit lvl7 i hope it wont go to waste…

Just check your mail right now if it isn’t in it and isn’t in any of your character inventory’s something ate it and you should email support and they’ll get you squared away here’s their email :smile:

Link doesnt work?

If it’s not working for you the email is :smile:

My mistake i thought its a link lol XD

Well it was but I guess it just doesn’t work on some devices then