Richochete build help version 2.0 need some advice

I wanted to add frozen and permifrost but i dont know what to remove on my set. I need help to increase my damage for pve. Here’s the second version of my set, now since I want to add those 2 set affiix i also wanted to change from electric type to ice …

If you plan on using ice, here’s what you need to do

5000 shock -> Permafrost
5000 shock -> frozen
5000 shock -> adventurer

replace your pet with momentum

since my pet has 30% attack speed and 150% CDI … I would need 2 crystal affix … so then if i change

75% cdi to 220% cdi
the attack speed would suffer should i change another 5000 shock for 40+% attack speed ?

you can add an epic affix 15% attack speed then change the nature of your items to haste. that should be enough to give you 70% attck speed.

you will get more damage from Adventurer + momentum than 4x 5000 elem damage

and also think about at what floor do you intend to play this build. If you play 1k floor below
then you should have enough damage

Being able to hear from you is better than having to do a trial and error which is a waste of resources. Thank you for your insight.

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1 +30% element crit chance
1 +28.5% element crit chance
Electrified (5) +25% paralyze chance

Total paralyze chance 83.5% ?? Bug?? Aren’t that element crit chance (legend affix) cap is 40%. Correct chance 63.5%

capp is 40 but on stat page it still displays the value even if its over the cap

I see, I think that thing make player confuse lol, from second +% element crit chance he only get 10% to reach cap. While if he replace with +15% paralyze epic affix. He got extra 5% more than that second element crit chance give

@Clevededios you should replace that element crit as what cronos4321 mentioned you’re over the cap

I see … so I only need 40% of Elem crit ? … or 60 ? … Im planning to change to ice so the 25% from the electrified will be removed

40 is default, 50 with ur epiphany, 83.5 > 75
epic+ enemies not affected by freeze and frostbiting