Ricochet burst damage

No one can handle my flintlock when I play in arena

But when it play as AI,it can be kill easy idk

Thanks to @SFisch


keep tweaking the A.I. until it does better or have a different defense build.

a good Ricochet build is so hard to beat.


I just only got one ultra affix of all resist with three lucks. My dmg prevented is lower than from Doctor Jonah.

@anon18070926 did @SFisch told you his ricochet build? He/She is one of the best gunner I’ve ever encounter.

So like this @classic5aura31 we’re talking about the flintlock build…at first I asked “how many preventeds number does my tank have when it meets your flintlock?” then he replied “every round is 1m+ prevented” and i think it’s not enough for me,
Then I asked to him, can I see the basic flintlock build? as a reference for me to make a similar build but my own version? then he gave me his basic Flintlock build for free

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@Jonah can craft well his own build
Its true…his tank have a good deff

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It’s hard to detect where the opponent goes specially with enigma users just what @thinkerbell said it’s like do or, die unless your a sharp shooter. AI can manage directly where thier targets are even with shakey controls it’s hard to enter the center as we go fire straight thier’s always a chance we will be missing. Beside if our build can knock instantly in a short time. That’s why I prefer now with wizard barage but, the bad thing is I can’t beat the ricochet rouges. I’m still finding how to conquer it in almost every area of my barrage wizard justly like BM wizards. My reflect won’t works and also when I put cerebral cortex it will be to long waiting the torrents to come out and, the longer the game over.

Your flintlock and, thinkerbell are will again one of the strongest builds especially Sfisch

Sorry I missunderstand your ai die easily maybe in two 2vs2. Same as mine I noticed the speed of A.I bullets are too slow it can’t K.O instantly because thier were two targets and, when ricochet bounce thier damage will deducted. And the unbounce was almost miss. The lower the initial dmg the longer the higher dmg from bleed