Ricochet or Bow Farmer Build 2017? Suggest your own item Builds and ill rate it 1/10

Guys please help me for better/best builds of Rogue ricochet/bow farmers.
Just comment down and ill rate it if i like it.

gun + mythic fury

Gun+mythic discordance with special skill shatter? I think it could work but downside would be one bullet per x seconds instead of 0 sec. I’ll try that idea though as even though a flintlock rogue would be handicapped, it would still deal insane dmg with Discordance. Just a bunch though.

Best idea atm probably gun+mythic fury . I think energy mythic and gun could work too because energy gives up to 100% extra dmg when nearly empty and can regen very quickly, especially with MP on hit. Would take maybe one or two slot due to how the resource mythic works but I can see it working.

Alchemy mythic I’d wish be used more often. If it was possible, I could just barely see the possibility of alchemy working quite well with flintlocks, barrage or some other skill build. I haven’t tried this mythic yet but I do plan to.

I think ive changed my mind, I’ll go with the Rogue bow build because its more way painful and that heat seeking arrows so sick. Please suggesf me some ty.

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Search function works;)

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