RIP Arcanist 2016-2016


Arcanist Set is best for Warrior because of the Wrath Talent… too much enemies = too much dmg. 2111 Floor Mythic 3 is just like 1000 floor M3


Sorry my example was wrong. I meant to say Fire monster immune to Ice.


Same element is immune to its same elements.


Fire < Ice
Ice < Fire
Poison < Shock
Shock < Poison
Arcane = Balance

Same Element = 0% increase DMG
Weak Against = 100% increase DMG
Arcane = 50% increase DMG


Look here for the correct values :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t forget iceburn? Oh and any attacking will place Ascendant Debuff for Arcanist set.

I agree that warrior and wrath is too good though XD.


Okay so I sort of know what is being discussed, but is there any way someone could maybe post a copy of their build so I can visually wrap my head around this topic? lol, Im new. Thanks!


Cuzeg"Calculator"Spiked… rofl