RIP Arcanist 2016-2016

Rip Arcanist user .

?!? Tons better now.

need weaken . need new set to copy .

Weaken is awesome!!

Way better than Crits, because you can get up to 200% Weaken, so you apply Arcane Debuff always!

Arcanist buffed ftw! 20% ED per enemy and great with 200% WD. @CandySweets

Also 90% weaken and higher is easy and extremely effective. Twice better than Ignore Resist and even more so with Effective Mythic.

It’s still Arcanist + Ascendant but the Arcanist effect is better and the character that uses weaken ftw. Weaken applies Debuff but Ascendant extends it .

Let’s have say 300% ED. Then you have 20 enemies effected . Each having 20% ED.

20Ă—20= 400% ED . 300%+400% = 700% ED!

I have 200% WD and my damage is 9750 from chakram +7475 in power 103.

9750+7475 = 17725 .

Now 200% WD. 17725Ă—3= 53,175 .

Now 700% ED instead of previous 300%.

53,175×8= 425,400 damage. This is high base damage before multiplication from Sets and Crits but it’s very high compared to before.

Before Arcanist and 20 enemies affected so previous 300% ED on gear as example.
53,175Ă—4 = 212,700 damage.

That 212,700 damage is still more than previous 170k or so base damage from 100% WD but it just goes to show how good 200% WD is with ED% and even more so with Arcanist.

Even more damage if you’re a wizard with empowered and Focus. Could get up to 300% WD and well yeah. Lots of damage.

Yup that new effect is way better than old Arcanist effect even if it’s not so visible.

The old effect did help because of total damage 20% per enemy by Crits but it felt lacking at times and really requires so many more enemies . The best it did was buff the after damage but the buff to before skill cast is far better imo.

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Againn… CuzegCalculatorSpiked. Tahaha

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Haha lol.

Agreed! Calculatorspiked!!!

Cuzeg create new set ?

lol. Although some of my wishes did come true in some patches. Arcanist was when I suggested for an arcane set. I Suggested it to be like plagued or so and that’s what I get.

For the fire set , similar to crushing flames but i suggested a lava animation and shock for orbs coming out every enemy death and each orb is better than the other.

I know the actual result isn’t the same but it’s even better. Crushing flames even better and Electrocution as well as Arcanist. Then Arcanist changed which is still great.

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I just want to say that Arcanist Build is still IMBA in this 3.0 Version. And I guess all of the Element Builds became imba in this Version. Im still using my Arcanist set and still dealing billions of damages. Arcanist became strong now not like before that it just need first to crit before having arcane debuff but now in this version, having Weaken + Crit or Vise Versa you can have Arcane Debuff

Try to use Warrior and use the Talent Wrath (Neck) and you will see that even not in Crit you can have Arcane Debuffs…

-Poison becomes IMBA now as the *Balance Affix becomes from to 25 to 50%
-Ice also becomes IMBA due to…(I dont know what to say…grrrrrrr. I forgot it :joy:)
-Fire and Shocks become the Center of attraction because of the New Set Affixes and Legend Affixes

But dont forget the “FATHER OF ELEMENTS”

-Arcane is still the best for some Pro Set Builders because it can Mix with in any type of Elements (because HE is the FATHER of all Elements in DQ :joy::joy::joy::joy:)


RIP arcanist. It was too good.

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I don’t know what your problem is^^ just drop your nonsense Ignore Resist already and use Weaken which is so much better anyways :yum:.

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Yup XD.

Does Weaken + Effective work on Monsters who is Immune to its own weakness (e.g. Fire monster immune to Fire)?

EDIT: Sorry my bad, it should have been “Fire monster immune to Ice”

When you have Weaken Affix 90% (Obsidian) + Ascendant, Arcanist = You already have very much much Elemental Weaken on enemies… So there is no problem in it. Using Mythic Effective is just changing your element on the weakness element of your enemy. For example your enemies have Poison Element, then your Element also Poison, Literally Speaking Poison vs Poison is just a tie so the Mythic Effective kicks in like a horse. It will change your Poison element to Shock Element ( Shock < Poison ) in DMG Calculation Process.


Using Mythic Effective is Good for 200 to 700 Floor.

Using Ascendant + Arcanist + Weaken Affix is Very Much Good for 701 to 2k+ Floors.

If you need calculations about my explanation feel free to ask CuzegCalculatorSpiked… :smile:


Actually Arcanist was buffed Lol.

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