Rng perfect troll

Farming low tier crystal at floor 100+ suddenly green text appear “Found Eternal Imp”. Immediately open up bag, and its not imp but a hound. Still cool since I don’t have spike in eternal ver. IDed the pet, hell 4 great affix with flat +MP. Why MP? Why!!!. :frowning: really hoping to get 1 eternal pet with flat +HP and flat +ED for arena usage.

Still like this coolnpet tho, fit for campaign mode. It seem like RNG don’t want me to get more power in arena lol.


Lucky you.

I only ever get Sera.

I get an “Legendary Hound” A.k.a: Slime. haha’

Same as mine, it said got legendary imp then it was sheba the doug! :persevere:

DAng! I didn`t even got one. haha almost on floor 200

Haven’t found an eternal pet with +ED. Hahaha…

lucky pet :smiley:

EternalPet Gó lol must catch them all. haha


Can the Devs just lessen the number of enslavers needed to be killed to get a legend pet? 150(down from 200 with accomplished perk) is still quite a lot. I get sleepy after 50 floors even just hunting enslavers.

are u hoping to get eternal pet from feat?

trust me. dont hope too much on that lol. currently i have 24-28 Eternal pet (dont remember well since some in other toon bag), if i remember correctly i only obtain 3-4 Eternal pet from enslaver feat, the rest from random drop.

what i do is just farm at low floor 100+ equip Eternalized (6) 300%+300% From treasured, just farm like hell. convert all eternal drop for high tier crystal while loot lower tier crystal from killing mobs. encounter enslaver, drop legend pet is bonus from farming. getting eternal is luck.

Note: Even with that amount eternal pet, I still dont have any with Flat HP and Flat ED in 1 pet lol. biggest RNG troll.

That’s what I’m doing now though. I’m epic enemy farming. Pet farming is a pain in the butt. Getting discouraged really about completing that feat.

First time I did the Enslaver feat I droped an Eternal… With 199 Enslavers killed, I went to 5 Legendarys maps and 1 Eternal map and didn’t found any Enslaver, then I went to a simple Magic map and there he was… After say some shit to him, asking why he wasn’t on the better maps(haha), killed him and was an Eternal

Very nice pet for both pve&pvp,10000mp is awsome too :heart_eyes:Good pet is realy important in pvp,top player have top pet.demigods has a dream pet :sweat_smile:

Its perfect use on PvE but for PvP its not as good like u think. the set affix it self (momentum) not effective used on arena due to +all set cap and affix value make it not worth using for tiny damage buff.

Well demi.gods pet is defenetifely hacked and some of the other top eternal pets are to perfect to be real imo

There certainly are a lot of pets with HP, flat ED and talent(s)…

im looking for that kind of eternal pet i mean with flat HP and flat Ed like forever. havent found yet lol. there alot lucky player to have pet with flat hp flat ed and prayer talent haha

Any “perfect” pet you see in arena most likely belongs to a cheater.


Definitely true. Especially when its an eternal pet.

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I got my pet from a eternal chest, almost perfect only have twister affix ~.~