Rogue boombard build

pls help. I need more damage, my boombrd damage is only 1m to 5m damage how can I increase its damage? what kind of affix do I need? I use eternal fabled blade with 96percent mythodology + 46 percent mythodology in cap.

Post pictures of your current build and maybe i can help

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i have DEX 20, INT 20, Fortune 20, boomrang 5, (+affix affect) right now may damage is 300k to 7.5m i mess up my eternal with mp hit, i though i can change it by crystal T_T

My legend pet is not a big help, spike (affix momentum, hp regen, reduce CD, +MP,+%arcane damage+deadeye) and Flamr (affix Element, suffering,all resist, + % flame damage, crt chance, sharpen.)