Rogue build for new ancension

do you guys have a build for new ancension on rogue? im having hard time leveling i only have rogue character​:heart::heart:

at the moment, I’m ascending a Rogue. my level 100 gear uses Chakram & Bomb with +200% Experience. for the first time, I made room for +75% Gold Find & Luck for some better drops to get Gold and higher Tier Items.

my level 40 gear uses Flintlock with +50% Piercing chance. it’s still a work in progress.

when I do my next ascending, my level 2 gear will be with Daggers because I’ve barely used them before and want to see how they work.

when Ascending for Perks, just kill monsters on floor 100 using Challenge Maps. easier to survive and gives you a chance to experiment with different affixes. plus, experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100.

one thing to think about is do you want to kill monsters from a distance or up close. then you want a mix of affixes that do damage and help you survive. eventually, you will want to get 6 Quest Mythstones for +200% experience, because every time you pick a Perk, you go back to level 1 and need even more experience.

Perk Experience

  1. 1x
  2. 2x
  3. 3x
  4. 5x
  5. 7x
  6. 10x
    6a. 14x (Final Ascension)
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