Rogue Build Optimisation

Hi fellow DQ players, I am looking to get some help on my current build and how to progress with the items available. I am playing now for a few weeks and i am far away from any of the “pro builds” that a lot of the guides are showing.

I am currently using a blinkdagger + poison cloud + meteor + shatter build. The equipment is as follows:

I was playing around with a Mutiny that I found which i was able to push to the following (not using it though because the equipment that i found seemed to be better suited for a dagger build):

The pets and crystals I have available are as below:

My biggest problem right now is that I am unsure where to go first from here forward. Just keep using that build and farm for lots of crystals? Change for a bow/flintlock build? Start using available crystals on current equipment for strong improvement?

Looking forward to your help.

Just farm, farm, farm.
Use these as guides:

If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a message. :wink:
Enjoy, man.

Thanks. What is a good amount of crystals (like rubies, obsidians etc) that I should aim for before attempting to do a full build?

I’d say as many as possible I usually save up 40-50 rubies, 10-15 amethysts and 10-15 obsidians :slight_smile:

hello there! I just wanted to share my frost grenadier bow build…

I wanted to make a chakram build nxt time…