Rogue build "Ricochet"

Newbie here and I have my question, is it normal for the rogue with a Flintlock weapon to kill Enslaver and Cart for 5-6 seconds? Map 2833 M³ btw.

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it looks like you are doing well on floor 2800+ M3.

Flintlock is a low damage weapon with high DPS. if it was taking you 30 seconds or longer, then there could be room for improvement. I know that 5-6 seconds isn’t as good as killing Cartographers & Enslavers in 1-3 seconds, but it is still pretty good.

since you are new, it is possible that in time you can see some improvements you can make to your build. not many Noobie’s get as far as you have, so congratulations. when you are ready, show us your Build so we can see if anything needs changed, that is, if you haven’t figured it out already! :wink: :sunglasses:


I would like to make my build confidential Mr. Golem but I don’t have any choice. Uhmm… I’m newbie and I don’t know on how to send pic directly and not with this link. And also, I would like to ask if an Aethereal Drain is a good combination with the Hunger sets. That the Aethereal Drain would not produce an MP regen that will triggers the Hunger sets. That’s an accurate build for now for a damage but vulnerable to death.


Hunger Set is affected by Aethereal Drain. just like Masochism Set is affected by Vampiric Touch Set. basically, anything that replaces your Mana will affect Hunger Set.

Ignore Resist cancels out Effective Mythic & Weaken. the easiest way to fix this on your Build is to take off the Ignore Resist and put a +30% Weaken. this will give you +120% Weaken, which means all enemies are affected by Weaken. this means that even if you attack a monster who is Immune to Fire, you will still do 120% Weaken Damage. since most monsters are not Immune to their Element, that is +120% Weaken Damage. even Greatly Resist Element (powerful monsters can have all 5 Greatly Resist Elements) that reduce an Elements damage by -75%, you still have the 120% Weaken damage. also, when you get an Obsidian, you can use it to increase your Weaken to +90%, or keep where it is, because with Epic +30%, you are still over +100%. with Weaken, only Fire Maps will lower your Damage significantly (never less than your Weaken % of whatever your damage is) while doing extra damage on Poison & Shock Maps, and lots of extra damage on Ice Maps, but with Ignore Resist, you do normal damage to all Elements.

for defense, you might have to sacrifice a few affixes for Dodge affixes. a Crystal +30% Dodge would help a lot. Sanctuary is good, but it has a 30 second cool down until it can protect you again. that is where Dodge & Block come in handy. Rogue also has that Talent that works with Mirror Images to make enemies miss you when they attack. remember, you can’t kill monsters if they kill you first.


But the proc of CB will not appear frequently if I make again for a dodge

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you don’t change your Crystal affixes like that. you would have to make a totally new Item, but that is not what I am suggesting.

take off your Ignore Resist. put a Socket there instead. move your Clearcast Myth Stone from your Amulet to your Apex of Epiphany. then try to put a Crystal Dodge +30% on the Amulet. if you don’t have an Obsidian yet, put an Epic Dodge there until you do. might want to change the Immolate on the Pet to Dodge until you get the Crystal Dodge, and then replace it with the +30% Weaken on the Pet later. this will give you better defense so that you die less than you do now.

when you have a chance, do a Search :mag: for Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, Survival, Perma Stealth Builds, to get an idea of how to survive better when you get more Crystals.


But that’s my latest update in my items Mr. Golem. And I’ve wondered that how is the Reduced Cooldown increased the laytrap damage from 400 million to 700 and also, I would like to ask if what is the effect of pathfinder or how long if when the dodge appears?

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Your main damage is came from ricochet right? Why did you put clear cast? And cooldown reduction?

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@Berot Clearcast is for his Haunting Bonus, plus 50% of his attacks cost no MP. as for Cool Down…

@Kaiserrobert Cool Down affects Spells with cool downs DPS, not Damage. the shorter a cool down, the more often a spell can be cast, which means higher DPS. for example, I can cast Twister once every 5 seconds, and the Spell lasts for 5 seconds. with Twister 40 and Cool Down +60%, I can cast 5 Twisters in 5 seconds. 5 Twisters do more damage than 1 Twister. if I have Twister Proc +100%, I could cast 10 Twisters in 5 seconds, casting 2 Twisters every 1.2 seconds.

usually Dodge is constant. casting Smoke Bomb gives you 1 automatic Dodge against the next attack that hits you. Stealth doubles your Dodge while reducing your Damage by 50% for the duration of the Stealth Spell, so you could have +100% or more Dodge (if you have Dodge +60%, Stealth would increase it to +120% Dodge).

Pathfinder gives +12.5% per Rank of your Dodge % Damage & Damage Resistance. Pathfinder (5) and Dodge +60% give you +37.5% Damage and Damage Resistance. if you used Stealth, then you would have +75% Damage & Damage Reduction, although 100% or more of Dodge means you don’t get hit at all

are you asking how long until Dodge appears when you are using Crystals? it is random, so it could be right away or takes forever.

by the way, the Build looks better, just don’t use Maps with Heal on them.


Thanks for the idea Mr. Golem, and I would like to clarify if how long is the effect of Pathfinder sets once the dodge appears

Dodge doesn’t appear. it is always in effect. only you can take it on or off.

the effect of Pathfinder lasts until you take Pathfinder off of your Equipment. the more Dodge you have, the more powerful Pathfinder is. most players just have Pathfinder (5), you could go up to (8), but this might weaken your Build in other ways.

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