(Rogue) can you suggest me bow build reaching atleast 500m damage

Yep, 70% attack speed to get 70% total dmg is monstrous! In pvp though, 70% attack speed means quite a big investment of affixes.

You can get 15% attack speed alone fron haste. Then theres the other 60% attack speed that you have to add to fill the bonus in pvp. You don’t need epiphany for attack speed to be 70% to fill bonus as I said earlier. It has to be on gear though and the attack speed cannot be from skills/talents/sets to fulfill epiphany bonus.

The attack speed crystal affix gives 11%. The epic affix gives 5% attack speed. Haste mythstone attack speed is 4.5%.

Let’s just say you have 2x crystal affix attack speed, 5× epic affix and have 6× haste nature.

22(2x crystal affix)+25 (5× epix affix)+ 15 (all haste)= 62% attack speed.
You still need more attack speed for epiphany bonus. Luckily, haste mythstone to the resuce. Just 2 haste mythstones should be more than enough to surpass 70% attack speed.

In my example, it would take 2 valuable crystal affix slots, 5 epix affix slots, 2 slots for haste mythstone. 9 affix slots out of the 42 affix slots for pvp build. The other 6 affix slot on trophy I don’t count because they’re always there. Then the 2 all sets mythstones for 2+ all sets. 11 slots already taken up in pvp build after you get huge 70% total dmg from epiphany bonus. Eternals can help in the process (even if it’s eternal pet) if you want to.

Quite alot of investment just to get epiphany bonus in pvp. In pve, it’s very easy.

For resource cost on the other hand. You can get 15% resource cost fairly easily in natures and some more from mythstone or legend affix. Then there’s also crystal affix and that can straight away get you 25% resource cost for vortex bonus. Not too shabby really :slight_smile: .

thats why i dont use ephipany bonus in pve/pvp it eats a lot of affix slots. w/c could be better use put more valuable affixes @CuzegSpiked