(Rogue) can you suggest me bow build reaching atleast 500m damage

Struggling to get a million damage on my rogue

Get 40 Guided Shot levels and hit a gigantic mob.

try this. i posted it long ago it deals billion of dmg and can go higher as the floor goes high … though i made some changes and i forgot to update that. just remove some affix prioritize 3-4x elemcritdmg 100%

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Just replace the flintlock with a bow. everything’s the same. easy trillion damage.

Im going to try this and update you guys. Btw i already have ascension treasure. Hoping to get more eternal items.

Btw bro sick build cant wait to try this out

Hope you still update im going to follow ur thread

@Timbersaw heres the current version of that build i stop using eternal amulet and change some legend affix … its up to youu how to make it better

I’ll try that too. Im still looking for this eternal items its really hard to find them

@Timbersaw to inc the chance of getting eternal items … get treasured and fortunate perk. use eternalized set affix … use nadjori set affix (if ur farming rare legend eternal)
. i usually farm eternals at floor 200 i spam shrines w/ hunter perk( spwn epic eneimies upod using shrine and wels) then kill legend enemies >mythic enemy to spwn

Im reaching floor 500 and at 600 i farm the epiphany items. Cant wait to try your build man.

@Timbersaw goodluck with that bro. just farm hard

Hi i got the epiphany bow now. Btw what was ue items stats for arena? Does epiphany work there?

ya ephipany work in arena. though all stats are nerf in arena and hero skill points does not apply on arena. i use my warrior on arena

in arena +2 all set = +1 all set

  • all set cap on arena is 2

kinda surprising that your the number 1 in the league. can i see your rogue build for arena i kinda like rogue may i will use it to go up to eternal. im getting close to complete your farm build.

actually im using warrior in arena not a rogue. for pvp i can give u some tips
reflect dmg 1x
2x 1% hp on hit myth
perseverance 2x = 80% reduction dmg to dots
push limit 2-3x=great dmg boost
5000ED 4-7x (this gives u massive dmg boost in arena)
10000hp 3-5x (u need to be tanky)
stun and frozen immune(really makes ur life easier)
get all defensive crystal affix
hp%, dodge, block, armor, all resist
luck 3x (if ur goin fauns gift) - great hp boost this is what i use i really didnt use dodge and
block since it depends on chance.
for rogue u can get 2x30% dodge then get pathfinder affix -makes u tanky and dmg inc
mandatory set affix are defiant and cerebral vortex.
for resource system : i prefer using bloodmagic since u wont need tobadd mp on hit myth anymore and with high hp u can spam ur skills always and the lower ur hp the higher the dmg boost also works well with defiant.
for mythic :
use ruptured on chest
santuary - mandatory ( game changer)
enigma on oh- if ur gona use chakram. ( almost all top rogue on arena use this since it has high base dmg. and higher chance to proc proc skills)
cosmic orb - (very OP dmg on pvp also good combine w/ loving force affix)
as for OH special use scalp - really great 100% chance of bleed along with ruptured mythic it will be godly also this skill is spammable very low cd.

I thought all sets cap cannot be raised by epiphany in pvp or pve?

i think ephipany works in pvp. cuz i use ephipany just last week when testing builds in order to get the vortex torrent bonus dmg(w/c require 25% resource cost) since pvp resource cost cap is 24% u need it to be able to achieve 25% resource cost. (correct me if im wrong) @CuzegSpiked

I know that epiphany would work in pvp but I wouldn’t think all sets cap was raised because I tested it and it didn’t raise. However many other affix caps get raised by epiphany.

Yes since resource cost cap is 24% in pvp, you will need epiphany (3)to raise the cap by +15% . That turns 24% cap to approximately 28% resource cost. You can get 25%resource cost this way. That is because the bonus requires you to be equipped with 25% resource cost.

On the other hand, Epiphany bonus works with 70% attack speed even without epiphany to raise the attack speed because it’s based on attack speed on gear and not attack speed that you’ve equipped.

@CuzegSpiked ya i think only work on all stat cap. what i mean bout my post in cap is

+2 all set in pve will become +1 all set in pvp
and max cap for + all set in pvp is 2.

thanks for the info bout ephipany bonus its my first time knowing that. (but having 70%+ AS w/ ephipany seems pretty good)