Rogue chakram orb, any ideas on this build

Any ideas on this build, they say that orb is good for rogue and don’t know what the affixes are​:grin::grin:

See my builds. I am the one who wanted to make great damage on the idea and came up with the idea anyway after seeing the cronos wizard orb discordance builds.

Here’s good examples:

This is how you do rogue chakram discordance orb or any discordance using chakram. I did update them for 3.0 however in my later posts but I originally build in 2.5 and even 2.3 or 2.4 actually when I did experiment with EXP farming and trying to maximise the best possible DMG (though living force and Timewarp won’t work on orb anymore).

Chakram 2 second cooldown does nothing to the chakram but affects discordance special skills so you have a 2 sec cooldown despite a higher initial discordance base DMG than other classes. Reduced cooldown reduces this and in arena , I do well with 2 second or less anyway , around 1 second actually almost thanks to 11% reduced CD and Hunger set (3). Attack speed can help too but totally optional.

I’m changing my main skill into orb or not??

Yes of course.