Rogue eternal chakram help


@Golem masters do increase procs but if you have an high eternal proc then you will not need masters in Pve . Even in PvP i suggest testing procs before adding and ask yourself does this skill proc enough. The answer to me is :+1:


Harper: a person who plays the musical instrument, Harp. in the Forgotten Realms (D&D), the Harpers are a secret organization dedicated to fighting evil in whatever form it comes in. a lot of evil monsters, leaders, and countries want to bring down the Harpers, for they are a thorn in their plans to take over (fill in the blank).


In 7DS they are a must


Basically if you have legendary procs it’s not reduced fighting monsters.In the arena they are useless. Even master stones are useless. But a good eternal proc on one eternal works everywhere. In arena two masters give 6% extra chance to all procs. Pve it’s another 20%


If you use 7DS then even masters change from 10 to 13% on all super crazy procs. Which makes them inevitable :blush:


Thank you, I’ll have to see this reply in game and try to figure out all that intel.
I’ll get back to you after I compare the set and try to make those or some changes if I can!


@krispassion when you are just starting out, it is hard to make good items. when you get Crystals and Myth Stones, it can get real exciting when you can create your own cool items and builds. I added an Edit on the first reply that could help out a little bit without too much trouble.


@krispassion think this. Increase your enemies chance to bleed first. If they are not bleeding then bleed damage does not work because they are not bleeding at all. When you have above 50% chance of bleed then go for bleed damage


Thank you!
They do bleed, even the skeleton ones!! :slight_smile: I’ve been making some changes (slowly because i dont have that many high crystals) and i already notice some improvement.


Now after floor 350 you have a chance of finding eternal fabled of any class. It’s an eternal weapon that you can add mythic words to and 3 super charged epic affixes to using topaz. The epic affixes are doubled because it’s on an eternal. Any eternal fabled weapon can be made into a chakram using jaspers. Here’s one I made from a wizard staff


That’s floor 350 of any difficulty :wink:


wow, thats nice! i thought we couldn’t change any affix on eternals, just put mythstones if if has a free socket… i have to read that stuff about eternals again! By the way, since some of the items only come up in mythic 3 difficulty, is it worth it to go all the way up to 350 in normal or epic?


Depends on which item you want. Some items require floor 1000 mythic 3. If you drop your item on a easier difficulty then farm there. Floor requirements are in the codex


yeah, I did a test on all of the Crystals to see what works with Eternal items. and tested those 2 items that each class has with the 4 Sockets on them (the Weapons and Head items). this is what I discovered. @krispassion hope this helps.


Yeah as @Golem highlights, your limited how you can craft eternal items and while you cannot change the skills and other stats on an eternal items you can jasper an eternal from another class and strike lucky. Example a wizard eternal staff becomes a rogue chakram. Any wizard skills or talents are changed to the rogue variety. All set and legendary and other affixes remain the same


Likewise warrior items converted to rogue do the same. Practice . Jasper any eternal or legend you find :slight_smile:


That reminds me, Any affix (legend or otherwize) that is related to an element in an eternal item will change when you change the item element


Thankyou for spending time topic about this! @Golem @dickwad


Sure it helps a lot, thank you. Just seen now that we cannot change the orange affixes once they are in the fabled blade, so it’s still probably necessary to craft a few to get the sets we want…


@HawkEye sharing with other players helps make DQ more fun. when I first started playing DQ, I started off using Rogue with Chakram, but ended up switching over to Wizard Elementalist using Staff and Orb a lot.

@krispassion if you get Epic affixes on Fabled Blade you don’t like, you do have to start over with another Fabled, since you don’t have the option of taking them off. the trade off is that with Eternal Items, affix values are doubled (except for Crystal affixes), but you can’t use a lot of the useful Crystals to Craft it. with Legend Items, affixes are normal values, but you can use all Crystals to Craft them.