Rogue eternal chakram help

Just to start, any help I appreciate.
I mostly read to the forum but I’m a bit lost now.

I’ve just made III ascension on rogue.

The 2nd quest to 99 was a pain. I’ve been alternating between the gear I’ll post bellow. It just seems that for some reason I’m not getting the amount of DPS I had on 1st run to 99.



I’ll just post the rest now, for I’m not sure of sequence in game.








Ring / just to step on totems

What’s wrong? Is anything a complete stupidity? Tell me why. Also, from the beginning, I’ve never found any other weapon, other then chakram, worth anything… Is that normal? Am I missreading the weapons?
Thank you

Chakrams are very powerful when doing damage, but are slow, and that is the trade off. people don’t like using Dagger, because you have to be close to use it. Bow and Flintlock do less damage, but have a higher rate of fire. in the end, it is all about the affixes you use. you said you have looked around the Forum, so you have seen powerful builds made with all of the Rogues weapons. some are easy to make, and others require a good Farm Build to make.

Ascending: First Perk: 1x experience needed. Second Perk: 2x experience needed. Third Perk: 3x experience needed. as you can see, the more Perks you want, the more experience it takes to get them. another thing is experience from monsters stops increasing at Floor 100, so if you keep climbing while getting Perks, the monsters get harder to kill for the same experience you would get at Floor 100. I ended up farming Floor 110 Normal and Challenge Maps for the Experience to get my Perks. as I got loot from monsters, I was able to improve my Gears to kill monsters faster to get my Perks faster. having 6 Quest Stones on your level 100 Gears will help get your Perks faster also.

Eternal Item Builds: if you get the right combination of Eternal Items for you build, you can do lots of damage, farm, climb, or whatever you want to do. the trade off is they are very hard to craft. about half of the Crystals don’t work on them, so you end up using Legend items instead, and only 1 or 2 Eternal items.

Brutality Talent on your Pet can’t be used by your Rogue, change the affix if you can.

Weaken needs to be 60% or better. most players do 90% or higher (200% cap), if you don’t want to use up that much space, then replace all your Weaken with 1 Ignore Resists (found on Items or roll with Ruby).

Reflect Damage is good on lower floors, but the higher you go, the more monsters there are that can kill you with 1 hit. Redirect Mythic lets you Reflect Damage whenever you Dodge or Block an attack. Electrified Set causes Reflected Damage to be returned as an AoE centered on your character. Redirect and Electrified work great together.

change the Element of your Fortuna of Greed to Frost/Ice.

HP Regen on you Ruptured Leather of Luck is made useless by Vampiric Touch on your Lilith Pet. also, you only have a 27.3% chance to cause Bleed, and you need to cause Bleed to heal your HP, since you can’t use HP Regen. which means most of your healing is from that 240 HP on Hit on your Pet.

Arcane Resist on your Hunter Ring is useless, no monsters do Arcane Element Damage.

your Plagued, Satyr’s Spirit, and Vampiric Touch Sets lower your Equality Sets ability to do damage and Regenerate. if your HP/MP was equal, like 1,000/1,000, you would get the full benefit of Equality. but right now, it is more like HP 1,500 / MP 3,000 (numbers are only an example) so your damage and regeneration is lower than it could be.

Ambush Talent doesn’t work with Chakram. Chakram is considered a Thrown Weapon, not a Projectile.

Edit: if you can, max out your affix values. Flourite randomly changes the value of Normal, Magic, Rare, and Epic affixes. you can choose which affix you want to change, so if you had Attack Speed +15% (max) and Dodge +8% (10 is max) on the same item, you can choose Dodge and not worry about messing up Attack Speed. Diamond randomly changes the values of all Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend, and Crystal affixes on the item it is being used on. if you have an item with 1 Legend affix and 5 Epic affixes, you would use Diamond to max out the Legend affix, and then use Flourite to max out each of the Epic affixes 1 at a time. when you have 2 or more Legend affixes, or a Crystal affix and 1 or more Legend affixes, it gets harder, because they don’t always get max values at the same time. if the Legend affix can only be gotten by finding an item, then it can take a lot of Diamonds to get both affixes maxed out, unless you get a lucky roll. any Legend affix you got from using Ruby, you can focus on the other Legend/Crystal affixes, then take off the Legend you rolled with Ruby and roll again until you get the affix with max value. this can use up lots of Crystals, but if you get good rolls, you end up with items with max or close to max values, which makes your items more powerful.

sorry most of this is negative, but I hope it will help you.


Sounds logical. Whatever perk order you need plus to experience stats

@dickwad do you have any better ideas than me? I am not sure my help was good enough. you are really good at what makes a build work well.

I would have to go and make a test build. Try using a good proc back up to compliment chackram e.g. Eternal mayhem of maelstrom item. So other attacks are also spawned


Or just get the eternal sublimation ring with a near 50% storm proc and jasper to rogue class ( if needed. ) My main wizard uses scalp ( very similar to chakram in play ) . Storm acts both as an extra attack and damage source plus it knocks your opponent back from you. The more blades you cast then more the storm procs. It creates distance

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When playing pvm try to get elixir in all possible items for boosts to skill, talents and sets.

is Master the one that increases Proc’s by 10%? 1 or 2 of those would be great on a Proc Build. this build only has 1 Taunt and 1 Storm, so it would depend on how important it is to Proc those Skills.
@dickwad I really want to make an Elixir Build around Skills and Talents, but I haven’t been farming for MS yet, so I don’t have enough to make a build like that.

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Hmmm get razored as a talent . It gives more bleed . You can get it on an armour item by changing the talent with the appropriate gem or by adding it as an epic affix on equipment or pets using topaz

Haha RAZORED :joy::slight_smile:put it on amulet using cirtrine. This gives 30% more bleed chance. Then if you add elixir to head and body. It increases because plus 5 to all talents for every elixir

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I finally started leveling up a Warrior for PVP, and I was looking at the Barbarian Talents for a Bleed Build for PVE. a Bloody Barbarian Build. ahh, but isn’t this a Rogue Build Thread? ahh! good idea with Razored, especially since Whirling Blades increases Bleed Damage.

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Warrior as you know @Golem major bleed skill is scalp but as to talents… Give me 5 minutes to check into the game :slight_smile:

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Skill toss gives bleed chance too. Talent assault gives goes toss proc.

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You may want to look for an eternal item with toss proc. Check other classes too

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well, I have played a lot with Elemental Wizards and Ninja Rogues. using Warrior will make it feel like I just started playing DQ until I get used to the class. I hardly ever used Warrior before.


Warriors have very nice talents . But I’ve only dabbled with one

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Another idea find a legend item that gives 10 to assault. jasper it to wizard and rogue and see what you get. Find the eternal equivalent of the most desired and jasper it to warrior :smiling_imp:


@dickwad great idea, but quick! change Harper to Jasper! someday down the road, I will make a conversion chart on Skills and Talents affixes when they are Jaspered. I had Jaspered something to Manashield to get a Crystal Block, and one of the Epic Skill affixes got changed to Manashield, so it was like a double bonus with Jasper. haha, you changed them before I finished my reply. :+1: x 10


Just did :wink: my tablet changes jasper to Harper haven’t a clue what a Harper is. Someone who makes harpoons ???

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You need to jasper everything. Talents and skills. Any item you find. Jasper ! :smiling_imp: