Rogue Farming ^_^

Hello everyone! I am a main rogue player on DQ , kinda new to the game.Playing it for like 1 week xD
I’m currently level 94 farming floors to reach 99.
I was wondering what is your suggested build as a rogue to make farming easier faster and my exp gains higher <3
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes time to read this and reply!

Hi :smile:

I am a main rogue too and in the beginning I used to like Chakram + Vial arcane build and once I got Chaos ring I switched to poison. You should farm Nadroji Crystal for the +2 set numbers (it drops from epic+ enemies past floor 100). If you dont have enough rng for Nadroji, choose Hunter perk, because it spawns 1-3 epic enemies from shrines, so you get 3-8 epic enemies from one map ( 2 shrines, Cartographer, sometimes Enslaver). If you want exp, I would suggest Enshrined perk, because you have 2x the chance to get Experienced shrine and it gives you +100% exp. Then some magic happens and you farm 350+ Mythic 3 for Immortal Flintlock and Gemmed Crown and with those you get more Ultra rare crystals, so you can start to build Flash Farmer build, which is very nice for farming 500+ Mythic 3.

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