Rogue farming build (VERY fast)

Okay so one or two issues with this build, one is that procs have an internal cooldown of 1 second, but when I’m casting vault it doesn’t always proc bomb every second (vault is the only spell I cast besides mirror image which is only once per map just before the boss) another is that bomb proc doesn’t activate trickster which is understandable but is this intended?
If bomb proc doesn’t work as well as I want it to then I’ll change one out for crystal dodge on my robe.

Even with this in mind the build is incredibly quick with a DPS hireling, for floor clearing I usually find my clear speeds to be around 20 seconds to 60 seconds (sometimes even less!) I’ll try to upload a video when I can of one of my fastest map clears…
I’ll do my best to respond to questions and improvements are much appreciated

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Wow that is the weirdest way to combine everything with Pixlr. It’s hard to see the build unless you strain your eyes.

Really? If it helps I’ll change it for two pictures instead :slight_smile: I tried to change it but I think my upload speed isn’t good enough from my phones data so will have to wait till I get back to my own house in a few days

Well planned build. I’m just wondering how is it skill stat pages for your main skills and how far you can go with this build. But if it does its work on floor 500+, then it is okay.

You definitely should remove one affix on armor and put a dodge affix.

Yeah. I would want to clearly see it at first glance.

The build doesn’t do damage and HP isn’t very useful on high floors, no point getting mama because recourse system is energy so for stats it really doesn’t matter (I go for HP just for mid range maps).

For heroic points smoke bomb is a MUST, then max fortune for farming, then vault for move speed, then dexterity to max out dodge and I guess you could go for mirror image or strength for more HP.

The build will go as far as your DPS hireling can go as you just rush through the map, keep boss blinded and let hireling kill… so far I’ve never died more than once on a map

Mana* . Autocorrect messed up Mana by saying mama .

Yea your right getting some mama might be helpful to the build, definitely a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool gear. Of course I don’t have anything like it. I’m wonderiing why your choice of pistols. Not a very high DPS in them. You must have them for another reason.

A +2 all sets Mythstone. Wow, I’m green jelly. I have yet to find one of those. Heck I haven’t even found my first Immortal. Who do I have to kill to get one?!?

Lol I have a few of them now, mostly from converting… and I use pistol because I didn’t have the crystalline dagger unlocked at the time (I do now :3) but I use pistol solely for eternalised set…

The build is irrelevant really, simply the concept that vault is fast, especially with lots of cooldown and attack speed (careful because if your too fast you don’t move anywhere at all xD)… bomb blinds just a little more enemy’s, ice for freeze/extra cc and trickster to go with deception, dodge and block (this gives me a total of 9.6% chance to take damage from enemys)

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Check this pistol out! Its a convert to.

Permafrost has an ED bonus, and an MP absorb rate, can be used with any element. Along with DPS thats why I picked this weapon to convert. None of the native rogue weapons really do that much DPS except the Chakram, and its slow as hell to use.

Pictures look fine?