Rogue Flintlock PVE Build: Miss Fortune

I love having epiphanies. They help me so much.


Imo, I feel like epiphany can be a trap because you have to invest more, limiting potential but for farming, it is more than worth it.

Epiphanies are cool.

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I have a funny feeling that Skaul is doing a little bit of trolling. Lol


i see you just had an epiphany yourself. :grinning:


What is trolling?


Baby don’t hurt me.


@f00kee, Nice build!

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Wouldn’t be possible if you didnt share that perma stealth build :grinning:

BTW what nature did you use?

element or haste if you need more attackspeed to get the epiphany bonus affix

Last question. A can I switch out the momentum pet to a different affix pet? Is it a must to get momentum?

your damage will drop without momentum but yes. Play around with it = )

Does that bonus affix still need the attack-speed pet to work?

yes until it gets fixed hopefully soon

Can you give me a guide where I can hunt this items? just turned 99 today and I’m planning to farm good items before I play arena again. BTW I’m top 27 on mythic league and planning to step to eternal league. Thanks! =)

You can find helpful tips here^.

I didn’t know you could get crystal affix on an eternal item. I haven’t gotten a single eternal with a crystal affix yet. Does it start occurring on very high level maps?

as long as you have a decent farming set it’s possible. very very low chance tho

What do you consider decent? Fortune Bringer with Treasured, Fortunate and Epiphany maxed?