Rogue Flintlock PVE Build: Miss Fortune

yup. that should be enough

I was looking at this again and I noticed you were using rebound instead of veil. Don’t you need Veil to get your damage back to 100% since Stealth puts you at 50% DMG. With Rebound, you would need a talent stat of 27 for ricocheted bullets do ~100% damage. At 20 Rebound you would get 150% on ricocheted bullets which means they would do 75%(150%x50%) damage on a rebound, but direct shots would still be at 50%.
What am I missing? Is the glasscannon used as the offset?

You’re absolutely right, Veil would give more damage. :grinning:
It’s just not of a big deal (for me) because I’m not really after getting more damage.
But yeah Veil would give more dmg

How to get those (5) talents? I can’t understand that. I have those on a set but just (1).

+2 all sets affix
If you have 2 of those you have +4. 1+4=5
You can get this affix with elixer mythstone on ring or amulet.
2nd option is to loot nadroji ring or amulet, they will have +2 all sets built in.

So I need at least two Elixers? Sigh it’s to hard.

If you got an Eternal… You can’t change the affix or you can modify it? As I can see the affixes of her Eternal Items are modified…I don’t know if it is? Then what crystals should I use to achieve the afffixes I want? Pls reply. Noob here :joy:

Elixer are harder to get than obsidian, but they are not lost if removed from socket while Crystal are one time use only.

Eternals aren’t modified, they did come with socket so he used Elixer mythstones and the amulet is a very lucky drop, Eternal items with Crystal affix are uncommon and very rare.

You can’t change any affixes on eternal items. You can only add new epic affixes if there are free slots.

I will show you something.

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How to add pictures in here? I screenshot my current items. I would like to have you honest opinion.

You have upload button on the right bottom.

I’m currently using this chakram… But tbe damage is so low…Maximum damage is 10m :cry:

@arik143 it’s better than nothing sir i mean
Your weapon is better than mine :cry:

@Astarte I think it’s weak. I guess I’ll change the armors. But need to farm crystals so much :joy:
I can only grind Easy lol :joy:

Not only wapń increases damage. To need offensive affixes on other items too to have more damage.

That chakram is okay? I think I’m starting over again. But as I said before… Need to frm alot of Legandary for salvage and alot of crystals.

It’s good I think if you are still new. Now you “only” need to farm farm and farm :tractor:.

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Yes. It’s my 3rd Eternal item… I will farm more :joy:

Go for it bro :smile:

By the way… Where can I find Aether Warp? I can’t find it on the codex. Is that a Legendary gear for Rogue?