Rogue Flintlock PVE Build: Miss Fortune



That permafrost bonus solve mana problem? Or apex is headpiece?


From the description, Frozen needs monsters to be frozen in orde rto be useful.

Makes frozen enemies explode for x% of DMG dealt when killed

The same is true for Frostbiting

Yet this build does not have a single Freeze affix, and has Frozen and Frostbite affixes.
Permafrost doesn’t freeze either, according to its description it increases damage for ice weaopns and gives MP Absorb.

How does this build freeze monsters?


Elemental crit affix, 30% is enough


Oh I missed that, yeah!

Thank you brang!

Edit: For this build, the rogue hireling is missing both. And the wizard main is poison so if it crits it won’t freeze them. Is there some other way to freeze them there?


@IntuitioN take a look at Coat Weapon on Vial (Rogue OH). when activated, it gives you a chance to Crit and Elemental Crit, so you don’t need any Elemental Crit on a Rogue.


Oh… duh! Thanks @Golem :slight_smile:


If you want to max your chances of a Chrystal affix on an eternal then read all above and add Chrystalline and eternal set affixes to build.