Rogue Flintlock PVE Build: Miss Fortune


I think it’s for wizard, past floor 400.


But it’s Ethereal Drain…not like her Fury Vial…It has Frozen Stat.


You remove Aethereal Drain with Kyanite crystal and use Amethyst crystal to add Frozen.


Is it normal that Ruby gives procs? Not somesstats like Elem Crit, Elem Damage, Critical etc. All I got are procs. I can rarely get decent stats.


Yes it is normal. You are just very unlucky unfortunately :frowning: .

You can get procs from ruby but you’re just unlucky to get the proc menu everytime. I am unlucky that even after using obsidian 10 times, I still didn’t get 225% luck or 225% crit damage on a new build :frowning: .


Yeah haha I feel us :joy:
It’s so hard to farm. the mobs are getting tougher. When will the gem drops rarity increases? After you reach 500th floor?


After every 100 floors crystal and mythstone rarity increases by 1, up to floor 500. At that floor you won’t be getting first 5 crystals but you will start getting then commonly 5 tiers higher.


Is it okay to farm first at Legend before Mythic 3? Because I can’t pass the Mythic 3 floor 250 yet :cry:


It’s ok, higher difficulty gives only better luck, gold find and experience. You can go Easy on floor 1000 and you will still get all the lefendary items that don’t have difficulty requirements.


What is more important? Permafrost or Momentum ?


If you really have to choose one i’ll go with momentum. Paired with adventurer nad MS buff you get from skills + MS affix will give you more damage


Ok thx. Dont hav a legend pet with either momentum or permafrost yet:/


You’ll update the guide 2.3?
or would you change to improve


Well, not much changes…
1x 10 stealth
1x ricochet
replace +5 skills with more frostbiting
replace masochism with something else

this build should be able to clear maps and provide dps so long
as you stay within the limits of the build



Hopefully I´m not too late to ask some questions here :wink:
First of all - great guide, want to build something same to farm equip for other heroes! :smiley:

How can I get such items?
I have a rare leather with 4 socket places - now I could make Brutal Runeword in it(only missing is “Death”).
Does this make sense?
Or should I wait to get something better then rare leather?

I don´t understand what “blank equip” I should use?


Can somebody tell me, what normal item i need for the OH from the first post?

Brutal or Skilled

What do you mean by that?


Just normal Vial with 4 slot or u can make slot with crystal :slight_smile:


Now thats what i call a dope build :ok_hand:t2:


I knew that defiant and masochism would pair well just like adventurer and zealotry.