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So I’ve decided to pick up this game again after about three years. I’ve spent money it which is why I had stuck with the game so long and now I’m realizing just how bad my characters are. So my first character, the one I need help with is a level 72, Ascension 1 Rogue. This is what my build looks like right now:

I’m unclear whether the best items are mythics, eternals, or crystal items. But my main focus for this rogue build is a Discordance Bow PvE build. I need help building a farming build because right now I have limited crystals and mythstones. I tried farming using the Satyr’s Spirit set and it had nowhere near the damage this build had and I was unable to progress at all. Any suggestions are welcome because I understand nothing about this game.

The best way to start is farming at easy or very easy diff 200 floor, u can using ur best build rigth now, my suggest is use plague set build on every ur item, until u get resource to get better build,


did you want to focus on Farming for awhile before you get more Perks?

basically, just get your Luck & Gold Find up to Cap (+650% for both). the bonus from Difficulty Level, affixes, Natures, and Fortune Skill are all part of the Cap. items with Fortune & Item Drop affixes can help get you to Fortune Skill 40 and Item Drop +200% (Cap for Item Drop & Fortune Skill).

next is getting Crit Chance to +50% - +60%, Crit DMG to +150% or higher (+350% is Cap). putting Epic +100% WD will help boost DMG of your Bow.

I have a Very Easy Wizard Farm Build with only Epic affixes and it can farm up to floor 200 on Very Easy. if I remember, I had a M3 Wizard Farm Build with only Epic affixes, and it can farm up to floor 150ish ok, but it dies a little too much on floor 200, especially if it is Challenge Maps.

unless you have multiples of the same Set, or meet the requirements to make having Set (1) useful, Sets are just taking up space.

Dodge +30% or Higher to make that Pathfinder a little useful.

Equality works based on your Total HP & MP Equality on your Stat Page, not your Current HP & MP Equality, which changes based on you using MP to cast spells, and HP going up and down when injured or healing. so if your HP & MP is the same, you get the full boost from Equality, but if one is lower than the other, the bigger the difference, the boost from Equality can actually be lowered.

Eternal Items. they are powerful, but only a few Crystals can be used on them to make them better. some Eternal Items can be found with a Crystal affix. only 2 items from each Class can be made into Eternal Mythic items. they are mentioned in the following post.

Mythic Items have a Mythic Affix on them. you need an item with 4 Sockets and the recipe of four Myth Stones for a Mythic Affix to make one. some Mythic affixes are better than others, so be careful and think before you make one. I have made a few that later I realized I didn’t really like or they didn’t really help my Build like I thought it would. only 1 per item.

Crystal items have a Crystal affix on them. you have a chance to find them as loot or use Obsidian to place one on an item. you can only have 1 per item. the cool thing about these is that they are three times the values of the Epic affix versions, except for the HP & MP on Hit, which are only doubled. that Epic Dodge on your bow would only get up to +10%, on an Eternal item, the Epic Dodge could be found with up to +20%. a Crystal Dodge is +30%! you need 5 Epic Crit DMG to reach the +350% Cap, a Crystal & 2 Epic Crit DMG is only 3 spaces, opening up 2 spaces for something else!

also, when you start going past floor 250ish, Damage Resistance, Armor, All Resist, and lots of HP become less effective as monsters start doing insane amounts of DMG (floor levels affect the equations for DMG Resistance, Armor, & All Resist), and Block, Dodge, & Sanctuary Mythic become more important.

gosh! I said so much! welcome back to DQ @JoshAy!

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With rogues I would build from the talents then up. Look at the talents then you know the build you want to make and the skills , items etc.

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Actually I would now build any build talents up. Wisdom at last.

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Ok thanks so much, looks like I’ve got a lot of time before Mirage (the character’s name) hits any sort of PvP fields lol.

So do you mean changing all the talents to either the Ranger, Assassin, or Pirate talents? I didn’t know that those effected the build that much.

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depends on the Build and if you are only going up to Talent 20 or Talent 30 - 40. and are you going to stay with 4 Talents or go with 5 or more Talents.

there isn’t any extra bonus or boost for using all Talents in one Talent Tree, like if you have 4 Talents from the Assassin Talent Tree.

4 Talents of Rank 20 each only need to be the Talent that comes with your Chest, Head, Ring, & Neck items. they can be from any Talent Tree if it helps your Build.

some Talents only work with certain Weapons or Skills, so if you use Talents like that, then it is possible all of your Talents might be from one Talent Tree, or 3 from one and 1 from another.

Talents of Ranks over 20 or Builds with 5 or more Talents start taking up space from your Gears.

Epic Talents +10 (like Dexterous +10), Legend +3 All Talents, Legend +5 All Pirate (All Talents in one Talent Tree), +5 All Talents (Elixor Myth Stone) are different ways to get your Talent Ranks over 20 or to get 5 or more Talents.

so if you want Talents to go over 20 Ranks or have 5 or more Talents, you have to take into consideration the extra space it takes up in your Build.


Choose 2 talents to max and no more.

there are some Builds with 4 Maxed Talents, but that takes up space.

so far, my Builds with boosted Talents have usually been 2 at 30 or one at 40. because I haven’t spent the Gold to get the Myth Stones it takes to make four Rank 40 Talents, I haven’t really done any Crafting in this area. if the four Talents are from the same Talent Tree, it only takes up 4 spaces to get 4 Talents to Rank 40.

whenever I think of the Rogue Talents, I always want to do a 6-8 Talent Rogue NInja/Pirate Build! those Talents are so awesome!!!

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Time to experiment @Golem !

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Pm me @JoshAy I teach you an exactly combination you want. :dealwithitparrot:


for a farming rogue i would max my fortune and dexterity hero points then get legends with the affixes i want and craft according to what i want. i try to have a mix of dps, survivability and farming in my current build.

this is my rogue…just a sample: