Rogue help?

I usually delete the game and come back to my account after a while, and I don’t know what I did but my lvl 85 rogue is doing warriors lance attack and axe spin no matter what I have equipped (chakras or pistols) I don’t remember if it’s something I equipped a while ago or a bug, please help.


Sounds like you have Battle Mage set on one of your equiped items.


That was 100% the case, thanks friend

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Like “Azure” Build…it changes my warriors “Flurry” to A Wizzard’s Normal/Default Attack…Some Items Sometimes Changes your skills…

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there’s 3 Sets, one changes your MH Skills to Comet/Meteor, to Charge/Whirlwind, to Quick Attack/Blinkstrike. the Special Skill can’t be changed with a Crystal. if you want a different Special Skill, you would either have to use a Proc or take the Set affix off.