Rogue legendary items help

So I’m pretty new to the game so I’ve been reading through the codex and the forum pretty extensively but I’m still pretty confused. I’ve never been really good at these types of games but I really enjoy them. I was wondering if there is a thread I haven’t been able to find or if anyone could give me some advice on the names of the legendary items weapons and gear that i should be keeping my eyes open for as a rogue. Right now I’m at floor 115 so I’m mostly just trying to level up and progress floors but I don’t want to miss out on any good items and if I find a good legendary to begin upgrading I want to start asap. Right now Im using pistols but I also enjoy bows and chakrams. My goal eventually will be to build a good PvP set that is serviceable with progressing through floors if possible. Thanks for any help!

You primarily want to watch out for the nadroji legends as well as anything with plagued on it you should equip and start using poison element :slight_smile:

Read the link below and bookmark it. It’s a little dated but very very useful since you’re new.

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I save most berserker and mashersmits what ever set cause they have push and or barbarian witch are hard legend affixes to come by. I also keep all cerebral and defiant items. Aetherial set legs have the 100% ele dmg for pve items so I’d recommend those. Pretty much they are mostly rare drops you don’t see to many of

spam floor 200 for a good item drops