Rogue - Multi Element - Ambush +/- Killswitch

Hi . I guess the post actually 3 questions. Please be patient. I’m a bit of a noob at dungeon quest but I’ve been playing pretty hardcore past 2 months :slight_smile: and read the forums a lot but Im still unsure.

I’m trying to utilise 2 elements using Ambush mechanic. Based off of Blight bog Sabateur cos I love the bow animations.

Firstly I guess is : Is killswitch worth it? Or even working?
Killswitch means traps explode dealing 150% OH damage. I tried using and abusing it but it seems so lack luster. When do they explode? I can’t tell. Do the explosions crit etc? I’ve looked but I’m not sure its even worth using. I thought it would be good it apply for example a big fire DOT to bosses to help with single target - dropping traps at their feet with Ambush. Anyone had experience using it ??

Second question. Ambush!!! I’m sure it’s awesome.but I’m struggling to use it effectively.
You don’t need to have traps in your offhand to use. I assume it must still use your offhand damage though. It definitely uses offhand damage type!
Which elements would be best to proc here? I tried a few combos. Freeze traps do freeze some enemies solid so I know it can work. Freeze traps or Shock traps I think would be best to multiple damage dealt by bow multiple times !!!? Again anyone tried this?

And this leads to my final question ?
How the hell does shock and freeze multipliers work??
The shock one multiplies damage vs paralysed targets ? Which you can get from Stagger ! Does the knock back perk count too for the shock multiplier to function?
And the similarly with freeze.
Would it be possible to wombo combo these? Traps with Freeze and Bow with lightning and Stagger to get the 33=900% damage multiplie from them applied to your crits instead of 600% (61) . … assuming a case you had 100% elemental crit DMG rolled on all your items.

Anyway this was the concept of the idea. I’ve tried with test found it not too work well… But maybe because I haven’t finished ceafting my items fully. Or maybe its a lost cause to start with !? Thus why I ask !!! :slight_smile:

I know poison and fire are op. But I was hoping to learn how to further buff this damage using Traps. Or both trap and stagger perk? Or is that crazy talk. I guess in that case you would only have 222=800% modifying.

Help please :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot

PS this is for PvE.