Rogue Multishot with Discordance and Crushing Flames Build

The goal of this build is to get the max amount of cooldown and attack speed to be able to always spam multishot. Just like most other crushing flames builds, having a high base (min and max) damage isnt very important, and affixes like glasscannon ptl and barbarian arent truely necessary.

Ive gone with vault for added mobility, and mirror images to help increase the AOE range of multishots knockback potential.

Like any other crushing flames build, hit frequency, crushing blow and as many different sources of fire damage increasing affixes are of the most importance.

In this instance, having cosmic power on the pet when combined with lots of mp regen and RCR allows us to continually spam multishot with no worry about regenerating enough mp.

Discordance’s hit frequency is dependant on cd reduction and attack speed, so the head of epiphanyis a solid choice for getting just enough base dps, an eternal version covers enough Legend +% fire damage.

Adventurer is there just for the movement speed increase, while demonic combined with relentless will allow us to kill epic and legend enemies. You can easily swap out one of the +10 multishots with ignore resist if needed.

Playstyle: spam multishot, get out of bad situations with vault, anf use mirror images when you need more aoe knockback.

There is obviously a lot of room for improvement to this build, this is a great starting point.


This looks great!

Thanks for sharing your homework @Hida77!

Thank you Nuique, I created a new version that is loads better, this is the perma stealth version. It can’t solo past 1000 but if you pair it up with a hireling its gotten me to 1200

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im going to try this build thank you for sharing dude

You can easily swap out one of the +10 multishots with ignore resist if needed.

you don’t want to put Ignore Resist on this Build. if you do, you cancel out the Crystal +90% Weaken.

here is a great post on the subject.


Oh yeah golem forgot I had weaken

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Olkyora definately go with the perma stealth variation, its much better.