Rogue or wizard in pvp

Guys i just want to ask a simple question from your general perspective in eternal league does wizard or Rogue have better ranked performance? In my opnion wizard is more funny but Who has the better edge in current meta May i ask?

All characters are equal as I’m discovering. I’ve played summon skullshield wizards for months. Then a few weeks ago I dropped deadly sins sets which has crazy limitations for crafting and
Pvp . So I made a set for all characters and discovered that allhave awesome secrets if you look hard enough. I learned a lot from a seemingly impossible challenge. 1 set affix. No mythic section. No eternal items no crystalline stats


I prefer rogue for 1v1 and wizard and warrior for 2v2 but all are open, they just require a good build

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They are all fairly equal but it basically depends on what build you make. For tank build, wizard has the resist advantage as well as skullshields for damage and damage reduction, warrior can have AR advantage and rogue can be annoying if its a swap rogue or so. Wizard barrage is also powerful for damage reasons.

Warrior can be good for battlemage tank build like wizard but they can use shield to increase offhand of Torrents from Cerebral Vortex as well as hatchet and bleed dmg. Even rogue has good potential as a tank with the ability to swap, using chakrams, discordance orb over wizard, etc.

A powerful damaging wizard, warrior and rogue are all indeed possible. same with damage reductions and the skills you want to use.

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It depend’s on your build, simple as that!


it depends how player counter each build for his own job.
this is base on my observation

immortal vs. barrage camp( ai ) = immortal win
barrage full dmg vs immortal ( ai ) = barrage win
immortal vs rogue dmger ( ai ) = immortal win
rogue dmger vs immortal ( ai ) = rogue dmger win
barrage vs rogue dmger (ai) = barrage win
rouge dmger vs barrage camp(ai ) = barrage win
barrage camp vs rogue dmger (ai ) = barrage win.

dont hate . this is base on my experience of using barrage build


Hello alastra can you give me some round stats of our battle? I want to learn some barrage tecnique :slight_smile:

Warrior is warrior coz i dont like feminine hero and old man .


I used to hate warrior because it was slow and stupid. But if you check the talent tree for procs then it becomes very cool

I used to only like wizard but as I experimented with rogue and warrior, while learning the mechanics and having fun, I began to appreciate each class for the unique builds possible to do and just how strong you can get them, even despite some weaknesses. I normally start games with wizard because wizard op normally.

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well, I am running a Wizard in PVP at the moment, and I get beat by all 3 classes while they are on A.I. I try to win more than I lose, and every loss is a lesson learned for the next win. if you look at some of the video’s posted in the Forums for PVP battles, all classes are represented for lots of wins. I think that it isn’t about which is the best class for PVP, but what can the Player build for his Toon to make it a success in the Arena.