Rogue player, where do you got ur 'Rare Legend' item?


Me,3 Week playing Bv
Got alot of Crystal and Mythstones, My Equipment now are crystall affixes and mythics :D, not lucky in Equipment but lucky in Crystal and Mythstone huh 8)


Man, that glinting hammer is awesome. that 100% elem damage is something. I pair that with my insolence and nadroji armor to get 300% elem damage. ^^


Enjoy farming


Just got Vacuus from epic floor 459, either from cartographer or mob near it. YAY!


Ofc, now when putting it on real easy on floor 140 or something, I find this aswell :confused: right after using my crystal on Vacuus.

Mutiny is better than Vacuus both pve/pvp, right? Defiant seems beast if I understand defiant correcly. +25% dmg AND dmg reduction, right? Just wanna know if I should continue my Vacuus modding or do the Mutiny instead.


Preference and build, tbh. I prefer Defiant. Fucking beast set. Tank and damage builds.


mutiny is better that vacuus. ^^


Another Vacuus floor 160. Maybe wasn’t as rare as I thought :slight_smile:


Good for you sir… i have been farming for two months and never had one… :angry::angry::angry:


RnGesus has been good to him.


Do you use nadroji?
I farming for 3 days and got around 6 rare legends:o
Now im lazy to play, before i was farming around 12h/day, now just 45 minutes because busy with another games lol. In 15 minutes im farming at floor 181to185, also 196to200
Every 5 floor i got 1-2 rare legends :* Love RNG
Edit : Nadroji (6) 75%


Random generated number the “meme” would be your praying that when you kill something the random generated number “Jesus” will grant you your wish on that exact kill.