Rogue player, where do you got ur 'Rare Legend' item?

Im looking for nadroji set ( ring,amulet,robe,hat < if i dont wrong, nadroji are these ), insolence and vacuus spicious
Im play challenge maps, with 188% item drop, 577% lucky, and difficulty mythic 3, floor 150 to 200.
I never got these, i just got glintering hammer and glintering dagger

Well if you ever got one or more of these item, and you still remember where do you got these , please tell me :3

You should really start doing pack size maps (add larimar) and choose a difficulty where you can dispatch mobs in 1 or 2 hits. If you want to obtain such things in the most optimal rate, that is

The codex tells where you can grab them. Those with “Floor Unknown” are those extremely rare legends which you should pray to RNGesus


What is RNGesus :/?

RNG Jesus

Also if you wanna find the armour and head, then you should play maps at just past floor 200 thats where they actually start to spawn the best, i have two armours so far from doing that for 3 hours
Same goes for insolence but vacuss is usaually around floor 100 (im getting this from the excel document that ocenyx shared :slight_smile: )

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Past is above or under 200


Sorry my english are RIp :3

I think you are advance user here
Do you ever think freeze mobs has more lessly dropping item?

Freeze mobs? What do you mean?

If you mean items with ice elements then no, most items and change element with the use of ‘calcite’ the lowest form of crystal
And what language do you normally speak? I might be able to help out :slight_smile:

Im indonesian.:3

The mobs that turned to ice because ice element

Yea ice element freezes enemys and if you have the red affix: frozen then you will deal extra damage to those enemys
If you have trouble in arena with people freezing you, then try a nadroji robe to become immune to it :wink:

Ya. Nadroji :'u.

Its one of the few items i cant get too, but i have two armour peices of it so thasts two potential builds :innocent:
The best way to try to get them is to farm maps at floor 200+ (i think i already said this) but it gives you the best chances and if you can use maps with “+pack size” it helps out a lot

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I farming in challenge maps floor 150-200
I never got any legends bow
I just got boomerang, dagger and pistols

List :
Harmony, Ascendents circle, thirst, betrayal,siwang,hailfire,lucky pistols,glintering dagger, glintering hammer

Off hand weapon
Voute,Wrathful winter,Rolling snare,tempest,chromatic reflection,illusion,masamune,cornucopia,elixer,balance

Armor / chest
Armure,pioner coat,parity,denial,craving,azure battlegear,

Head / hat
Jester caps,boundless cap, symmetry icarus life, chapeau, anguish, projection

Ring :
Starvation,broken compass,fortuna,conviction,

Persona,unity,prismatic necklace,unreal collar, ignis bane,maleficus gift, prismatic necklace.


Just commit yourself to no life and play forever. Only then will RNGesus alleviate your stress and appreciate your desires.

Honestly, I go through periods. Sometimes I’ll get no legends. Sometimes I’ll get a million rogue Cataclysms and ten crystals. Sometimes I’ll get five eternals in a ten floor run. RNGesus is a jokester.



I remember back in the day when I never have any single obsidian, then suddenly I got one as drop, and a few minutes later I got another from the vendor.

Just hang in there, you’ll get your stuff eventually :grin:

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I still can’t get shit for CS or MS. Three months playing, only one Elixir MS ever. And I converted for it.