Rogue problems, chakram bug

I find some of her offhand skills underpowered. Like Sentry, Vault, and Swap. I never use them because I don’t think they do anything useful, especially Sentry.

Also, I love chakrams but it’s skill is pretty useless too. It’s better using the regular attack than using Whirlingblades.
At my stats and equipment Whirlingblades crits for 10k+ while regular attacks crit for 100k+.
It’s also hard to hit with Whirlingblades in addition to it’s abysmal damage. Her other mainhand skills do similar damage but you can still attack immediately after, but Whirlingblades uses up your chakrams so you can’t attack.

If you’re going to change them, it’s up to you what skills you’ll give her. I just want skills that can directly damage like Wizard’s. Though I’d love it if you give chakrams a skill similar to the Wizard’s Twister, which deals high damage repetitively.

On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s intended or something but when I throw chakrams into the wall, they don’t visually come back but I get them back and can use them again. It’s pretty annoying in narrow areas because sometimes I stick to walls while attacking.

Why don’t you use amber to change your chakram second skill to twister or other wizard’s skill? [emoji23]

+1, that was going to be my exact same suggestion :wink:

Whirlingblade is a crowd control skill. The best combo would be using a Trickster set + mirror (OH) + Mirage talent. Every time you use mirrorimage, if Trickster and mirage activates, you’ll end up with 3 image/clones. Then just spam whirlingblades. :smiley:

Swap is best used if you are cornered or if there’s enemies in your front and back. If they’re all aligned, lets say there’s one in front of you and a group of enemies in your back, used boomerang on the group of enemies then swap with the enemy in front of you killing it at same time when your chakrams return. :smiley:

but still it has lesser damage than the direct attack of chakram… thats why ive switch to bow then now i love my pistols…:smiley:

I don’t think I’m any close to getting an amber yet. I want stronger skills for the whole class. Sure, changing it to something stronger is nice but I still want stronger Rogue skills