Rogue pve nerf

Seriously rûbbish now

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Pvp I mean

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Haven’t you people ever experienced a nerf of anything before? Damn. Bow Rogue was insanely OP. #dealwithit


Default was silly. Anyone that can go on a 110 win streak just by simply walking forward and throwing out MAX two Guideshots (IF they had Sanctuary) was OP.

Well I never played that way, anyway there is a reason why a bow is supposed to be ranged, not have the stupid things range lowered too the point where it seems to have a lower range then everything else, Wizards can now just stand their also and spam default or maybe a rogue with pistols instead or use your imagination

I still play PVP with a bow rogue. Top 20% of Eternal.

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Just use Fire and Bleed like the rest of us lol… it’s hilarious at the top right now.