Rogue PvP Build TOP 57 ETERNAL DIV 1

Hello, I would like to show you build for PVP rogue

“Must have”:
Momentum (not necessarily on the pet xD)
Vampiric Touch

Exposed - Can be Brutal or Skilled but prefer Exposed
Discordance - MUST HAVE ITS A CORE
Empyrean - Just additional DMG
Desperation - Not required but can be

Crystal affix:
Crit DMG - Must have
If you do not need obsidian, you can add 1x “Reduced CD”

Legend affix:
All must have

Epic affix:
3x 5K Fire DMG(or more if you do not want HP [can replace all 10kHP for this])
3x 10K HP (Prefer its very usefull vs pistol matchups)
1x Crit chance
1x Deadly strike
4x 20% Fire DMG
2x Guideshot
1x MP Reduce (it can be replaced like 5K Fire DMG but i like have additional mana)

2x2+ sets - “No comment”
1x Multi attack
1x Total MP


Play style:

At the beginning you use coatweapon and immediately afterwards guideshot opponent (should bend), if not quickly use stealh and kite him repeating sequence. This is a very powerful build (10k+ dps).

What is your opinion about this? Any ideas on what can be changed?

Why 20% fire damage? Is it better than +5000?

No, but if you replace 10k hp for 5k dmg it gives you additional 20% dmg :slight_smile:

I think u need to get 2-3 100%ed affixes and +5000 on every piece of your build and maybe craft another bow this lacks damage

Yeah, i am working on bow. 100% ed its really hard to get

U use desperation mythic that heal mp base of mp regen u have when u don’t have enough resources to cast your skill yet u don’t have mp regen. And even if u have, A.Drain set affix will block that from happen since it remove mp regen.

Change that +20%ed to +5000ed, remove multiattack change it with whatever u think necessary. And reroll your necklace until your crystal affix crit damage is perfect rolled then u can reroll your epic affix back.

I’m newbie and not a good player so anything I suggest please think wisely before u follow lol,

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has the discordance change been reverted?

i don’t understand the use of discordance in this build when it uses guided shot. with the change to discordance, guided shot will just get a cooldown and an increased mana cost without any benefit.

I think the use of discordance is for gshot to get the damage of multishot which is 1050% mh since discordance also switches the damage of the primary and special. Can anyone confirm if this is still applicable in 2.1? I still seethe mythic words in the screenshots so i’m assuming that this is from an earlier patch.

that’s a new screenshot. he has aetherial drain.

in 2.1 guidedshot/discordance will no longer work since discordance has been changed to only swap cooldown and mana cost. so he either has to change his skill focus to multishot or whatever he wants to amber it to, or make a huge change in the build.

also, the build needs blistering to make vampiric touch a lot more useful.

So, I think discordance is bugged because if i not use discordance DMG is a lot of smaller

-3 slots for 20% fire damage. Look for an item with 100% fire damage instead
-remove elemental critcital because you already have coatweapon from Vial
-replace desperation with Energy to give you more damage and free up 2 slots (40% MP reduce, 25% MP)
-replace A.drain with another set. it’s completely useless for the build as you dont benifit from elem crit [because you have coatweapon] and it removes mana regen
-remove discordance, doesnt have any benefit