Rogue recommend set

Hello! I just came back on playing… Any recommendation sets on rogue… i prefer it balanced on pve and pvp… u can also show me ur rogue set and I’ll try it out…

some players have mentioned Crafting Builds that work in both PVE & PVP, but most players just make separate builds, as some affixes work better in one or the other.

you might want to just do a Search :mag: and see if anyone has shared a build or advice. otherwise, you might have to do your own tests to figure out what works.

Welcome back!

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My last post was from 2021 sheeesh
@Golem Btw i think ur into wizard right? If so then can u show me ur builds? Thanks!

Change off hand skill to time warp and shoot bullets through it :sunglasses:

I’ve had a few different Wizard Builds…

I like using Elementalist Talents, usually Sorcery, Amplify, Magnify, Prismatic (if I don’t have the Ascendant Set), and Fester if I have the room or don’t use Prismatic. sometimes, if I really want to power up my damage, I’ll put in Empower +10 or +20 from the Archmage Talents to increase the damage from my Power Stat, or use it instead of Prismatic or Fester (I usually do this with Ice builds). if I’m not using Fire or Poison, sometimes I’ll use Focus instead of Sorcery.

I use Elemental Weaken +120% (1 each Crystal & Epic Weaken) or Ignore Resist, depending on if I have 1 or 2 spaces available on the build.

if I don’t need HP on my build, I like using 2 Glasscannon for +100% damage.

Warrior Rage Set (5) that lets me have max Crt Dmg with 1 Crystal Crit Dmg and +60% Crit Chance. this kind of wastes a Set affix space, but then I would need 1 Crystal & 2 Epic Crit Dmg, so I have an extra space for a different affix.

I’ll use Angelic Set if most of my damage is going to be from using Comets.

I recently decided that when most of my damage is going to be from MH Primary Skills, put Skilled Mythic on Chest, and if from any other Skill, use Brutal or some other Chest Mythic that fits the Build.

I like using Staff because of Comets! or Gauntlet if damage is going to mostly be from a Special Skill. for OH I like using Orb to Teleport around or Skull for Skullshield. MH Specials I like to use are Twister, Storm, or Orb with Reactor Set. for OH I like using Timewarp (Wizard), Smokebomb & Cloak (Rogue), and Torrent, Scalp, or Taunt (Warrior)

I usually only have Legend +200% WD on my MH.

defense is Dodge +60%, Block +45%, and Sanctuary.

I try to have at least 2-3 Legend +100% Elemental Dmg on my Items and 2-3 Elemental Crit Dmg +100%.

I like using Pathfinder Set as it gives me damage based on my Dodge %.

I tend to change everything else as I come up with new ideas or discoveries to improve my builds.

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