Rogue Relentless Build

Hello im a beginner and only lvl 100 and around floor 150. I don’t know what items to aim to get for a better Rogue Restless storm build. I found multishot amusing since i got a restless storm drop so i want to a build a character that has a Restless storm MH and Vial OH. But I don’t know what affixes i need and other items to get.

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first, when just starting out, playing and learning what is what is the fastest way to learn things. reading the Codex is a good source of information for affixes.

I did a lot of Searching :mag: and reading of the DQ Forum and learned a lot. I still do searches in the older posts for ideas, even though things have changed in DQ over the years.

the thing is, there are so many ways to make your build good that it all comes down to your play style and how exactly you want it to work.

what you might want to do first is work on making a Farm Build to build up a supply of Gold, Crystals, Mythstones, and Dust. that way you will have a lot of resources for when you do some testing to see if your ideas will work on your build or not.

I have 6 Character slots and am doing all sorts of things. Farming, Floor Climbing, Ascending for Perks for some of them, testing build ideas or affix synergy, learning what affixes I don’t use very much actually do, learning what Skills do in action instead of just reading the description, and a bunch of other stuff.

What is a farming build? What legend items should i equip to call it a farmining build? Im a rogue user. Thank you so much cause I’m currently lost on what items to find to have a better gameplay.

at a minimum, a Farm Build has both Luck & Gold Find at +650%. Luck increases the chances of Items dropping at a higher Tier up to Legend. it also improves the chances of dropping higher Tier Crystals and Mythstones. Gold Find means more Gold. +200% Item Drop mean more Items & Gold from monsters, chests, and broken ‘boxes’.

Nadroji Set increases the chances of Rare Legends dropping. Nadroji Set Bonus doubles the number of Magic and Rare monsters that spawn.

Crystalline Set increases the chance of Crystals dropping and also the chance of Legend and Eternal Items to drop with a Crystal affix.

Mythical Set increases the chance of Mythstones to drop.

Eternalized Set increases the chance of Legend Items to drop as Eternal Items.

Treasured Perk increases the chance of Crystal & Eternal Items by +300%.

Fortunate Perk increases Luck & Gold Find by +200% over cap and a +5 yard pick up radius.

Epiphany Set can increase the cap of most affixes.

at every 100 level up to 500, the chances for higher Tier Crystals and Mythstones goes up at the cost on not dropping a lower Tier Crystal & Mythstone. at floor 100 Calcite stops dropping. at floor 500 Calcite, Angelite, Quartz, Diamond, and Larimar stop dropping (this is the same for the lowest 5 Mythstones) with the highest chances for Rare and Ultra Rare Crystals and Mythstones.

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Functionnaly, you usually want Crystalline, Crushing Flames, Nadroji, Epiphany and Eternalized among your sets for high end farming. You might wanna add Mythical as your 6th set, or a build specific set (I use Aftermath personnaly).
Also get +4 all sets, either with the Nadroji items or the Elixir mythstone. It’s needed on like every build.
The reason you need Crushing Flames is that it’s just really good at dealing with high HP, low rarity enemies.

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