Rogue “Sneak” Peek – Part One

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It’s finally time to start showing off what we’ve been working on for the past few months. Presenting the first look at our new class, the Rogue!

She will be the first of our classes to dual wield her weapon of choice. Her offhand will be kept at her side ( not shown here ). As the title suggests, this is only the first look at the Rogue. Each week we will reveal new weapons and armor sets so make sure to check in to catch each of the reveals!

There’s still a lot of work to do on the Rogue to get her ready, and a lot of testing will be needed. If you’re interested in getting an early look and help us with feedback and squashing bugs, please let us know at!

By dual-weilding, does that mean there are only 4 weapons?

Also, how will this affect the equip button?

She will still have a “Mainhand” and an “Offhand” item. The mainhand for her will be a pair of daggers, and the offhand will be worn on her waist.

@ircher, SteigerBox said that offhand weapons they place on the belt (like shurikens etc etc i guess xD)

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Ok, then she wields her melee weapons in both hands while she has her offhand (probably ranged) weapons at her belt.

So, by dual-wielding her main hand, wouldnt that that most of her attacks with the the mainhand are very quick.

veeeery interesting :smile:

Rogue/assassin has been my favorite class for a long time now :smiley:
looking forward to it

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Suggestion for a short video clip of the rogue fighting a boss or something to make us more excited to try it :smile:

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Other question: what is the generic name of the rogue?

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