Roll epic +10 orb or +10 storm

I tried using more than 1250 sapphires to get a +10 orb or +10 storm but failed the past 2 days. I had rolled it before a month ago but took a lot of crystals also. Is this normal ?? Thanks.

Do you try to craft it on OH? If yes, it’s normal. If no, you’re unlucky

Thank you for the reply.

I wanted them for the main hand and 2 pets.
Within an hour after writing the original message, I manage to get a +10 storm and a +10 orb on a pet and a +10 storm on another pet.
The affix for the main hand isn’t very urgent so I am contented.

What I did differently was I used Larimar to reroll all the 6 epic afffixes until the “hard to get” affix finally appeared. Then I used Sapphire to get the other easy ones like e.g. dodge, gold find, luck, etc.

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for MH & OH, the only Skills that can be rolled on them are the Skills that are on them, like if you had Comet & Twister on your Staff, those are the only Skills that could be rolled on them. if you have Orb Proc on this same Build, you would have to roll Epic +10 Orb on a non Weapon item or the Pet.

good work on the Pet!

Thank you Golem. :slight_smile:

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