Rollable set affixes?

I actually pulled plague off of one item (because I had two items with it and +set numbers so I didn’t really need both), but then replaced the other and didn’t even realize that I’ve totally lost plagued from all my gear! My damage is high enough that it doesn’t really matter at the floors I’m at (mid 400’s), but…

Anyways, the real question, is can I roll plagued on an item with that set gem? I know odds of getting that out of the list is low, but… It’d be nice to know if I can “create” a plagued item, or if I need to hunt for one that already has it.

Plagued is rollable

Cool, thank you =)

Is Defiant rollable? That seems like another one I should try to get at some point.

Not that I’ll have the amethysts to do that for a while… I only have one right now, and odds are it’s not going to be nice to me in an attempt to regain plague =/

Defiant needs to be farmed, its quite rare

I figured that… Well, didn’t get plagued from my one amethyst. Didn’t even get anything semi-decent, ugh, the RNG hates me. I’ve ruined a couple items with bad crystal rolls (since you can’t remove them, the item ends up scrap).

Same for me, especially annoying if its gear that you had to farm for hours ( f.e. mutiny).