Rolling Crystal affixes

Might just be me, but when you use obsidian crystals, sometimes it seems that you have more “rolls”/options between different crystal affixes than others.
It might just be me, and I don’t really have the economy to just experiment for the sake of experimenting;)
Anyone know?

if the affix of obsi is already at lower version for example epic affix HP regen the hp regen of obsi wont show up anyone

Ah… That makes sense.
That said - ima a bit sad:S I believe when I first started to read into crafting mechanics, someone told me that if you allready had an affix - legend or epic - on an item, then that would eliminate the chance/risk of rolling that crystal affix on the item.
So ever since I’ve tried to apply whatever affixes I didn’t want on my items before adding obsidian.
Pointless effort it seems now:P

Thnx for enlightening me though!:slight_smile:

Also I did just realised that whenever I use epic affix like HP regen, all resist, deadly strike , etc to make sure the crystal affix version doesn’t show up, yes it eliminates those options but sometimes it makes obsidian show instead of 4-5 options to 3-2 options depending on how many epic affixes to limit certain crystal affix.

I told all of you this about a month ago.

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I completely missed that:’(