Roque pve build for floor 1000++

Guys need help i cant climb above floor 1000+ im using roque and i dont have hirelings what should i do…? Suggest any build please for solo climbing thanks

are you getting killed a lot or taking forever to kill enemies or both? which skills and affixes are you using?

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Both :joy:

Just got perks the items in the right is what i used but i really had hard time climbing higher floors

there are 4 types of Builds:

  1. Ascending: gears for getting Perks, especially if you are going for all 6 Perks. used to get lots of experience. only needed on floor 100 - 110 (experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100). bust to use the same floor Challenge Map (buy from shop and farm like crazy). usually have gears of level 1, 40, and 100, or 1 and 100 if crafted well. only farm higher floors if you need a certain item to improve your Ascending Gears. +200% Experience from Quest Stones important (on level 100 gears, can get by with about 40% - 60% on level 1 & 40 Gears).

  2. Farming: Gears specialized for getting Loot! usually for floor 500-510 of any difficulty level, based on your needs. might need to make a set good enough for floor 1000 if you don’t want to unlock Legend & Eternal Items with Dust. you can make easy ones with only max Luck & Gold Find, or specialize getting certain kinds of Loot.

  3. Floor Climbing: on lower floors, Armor, Resist, & Health and Healing are important. on higher floors, Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, moving around, Talents that cause enemies to miss, Crowd Control effects are better. or kill the monsters before they have a chance to attack you. just make Gears to go to as high a floor as you can on the difficulty level of your choice.

  4. PVP: Gears for fighting in Battle Arena against other players Characters.

when I Ascended my Wizard, I had 3 sets of Gears. when I Ascended my Rogue & Warrior Team, I only used level 1 & 100 Gears for both.

finding Nadroji Ring & Necklace will help a lot. they both have a +2 All Set Legend Affix. if you have a different Set Affix on each Item, they will all be Set Affix (5), which makes them more powerful. or use +2 All Sets Myth Stones to do the same thing :smile_cat: .

it looks like your Gears are trying to do the first three with one Build. if you want all 6 Perks, focus on an Ascending Build, then a Farm Build to get the Loot for Crafting a Floor Climbing Build.

Eternal Items are powerful, but you can only use a few Crystals on them. Legend Items are a weaker, but you can have whatever affixes you want on them. here is a post on which affixes you can put on items, and which can only be found on Items dropped as Loot. hope this helps.

Ty sir helps a lot ill try experimenting later…bdw sir what should i build if i want elemental damage build?and dodge/block?

for damage, find Weapons with Legend +200% Weapon Damage. MH if that’s the weapon causing the most damage, or the OH. if you need a Weapon that doesn’t have that, put an Epic +100% Weapon Damage on the Weapon. for other Items, try to find 2 with Legend +100% Elemental Damage. +30% to +50% Elemental Critical, and 1-3 Elemental Crit Damage, depending on how much space you have or how good you want your Element damage to be. as you are using Effective Mythic, try to make some space for +60% Weaken, or try for a Crystal +90% Weaken. this will really make a difference against monsters who are resistant or immune to Poison or Fire, and gives a damage boost to all attacks.

Dodge & Block both have a +60% cap, higher if you are using Epiphany Set. Rogue’s do well with Dodge, Warriors with Block, and Wizards with either or both. if the enemy can’t hit you, they can’t kill you.

if you are using Chakram, use Cool Down instead of Attack Speed. normally, Attack Speed works with MH Primary Skills (like Boomerang) but Boomerang needs Cool Down instead. using CD, Boomerang & Whirling Blades will return faster, which means you can cast them more often, which means more DPS!

if you’re going with a Poison Build, then +200% or +100% Weapon Damage, +200% Poison, +30% to +60% Toxic or Elemental Critical, +100% to +300% Blight.

for the level 1 gears, use the flat Weapon Damage and Elemental Damage. the +5000 ones, as they’ll do better damage than the %. for your level 100, you go with the % ones instead, especially if you have your Power Stat at 60 or higher.

Thanks sir appreciated a lot :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: