Rouge build help

Can I get some advice on my build it’s for pve

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You only need to keep 90 percent weaken so get rid of any others, replace the rogue helmet with a helmet that has elemental dmg like shock 100percent or barbarian 50 percent and add high voltage 100 percent with a ruby on 3 areas depending on what you can get rid of. And replace that 250 mp on hit with 7500 mp, also try to add more elemental dmg 100 percents , and if you havent yet change your natures to dodge

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Personally I would change your build to fire and immolation at this point . But if not then change crushing flames with frozen set afix it can be rolled


I’m working on getting push to the limits now for an off hand and I haven’t had much luck at all with elemental damages on my Ruby rolls

You can’t roll push the limit with rubies.

The rubies were for the elemtal damage rolls I’m working on the leg dust for an off hand with push to the limits

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Weaken has +200% Cap. keep the Weaken on the Pet and take off any Epic Weaken (Orange) on the other items. +90% Weaken is good for a minimum, but having +100% or higher is better, since all attacks will be Weakened, not just 90% chance for 90% Weaken.

here is a Post on why Weaken is so good.

find a Flintlock with +200% WD.

for future reference, Crushing Flames Set requires a Fire Weapon or Prismatic Talent (Wizard), Ascendant Set, or Elements Set, and also you need Crushing Blow. without both Fire & CB, it won’t work at all.

an addition to adding Frozen Set, take off one Pathfinder & add Permafrost Set.

when you get a Flintlock with +200% WD, try for a Crystal +225% Crit DMG. this way you still have over 100% Weaken, and you only need 2 more spaces for +75% Crit DMG for Cap, and you can take off any others for other affixes.

Ty golem

? I was flipping through my codex and I don’t see a flintlock with weapon damage the only thing it might beable to Jasper is the hand of epiphany. Can anyone eliberate on this for me

if there aren’t any Flintlocks with +200% WD, see if any Wands or Lance’s have it and use Jasper to change to Rogue. this Link shows which Weapons get Jaspered to Weapons of the other Classes. this will help with other affixes that can’t be rolled with Ruby or Amethyst.

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