Rouge gear grinding

My plan is to have my lvl 93 rogue be a hired hero to increase my luck and fortune and do gain for my main hero, any recommendations for lvl 93 rogues gear? And also if the strat is any good, I just want a bunch of gear lol.

Luck & Item Drop is averaged between Main & Hireling while Gold Find only needs to be on Main. also, Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalline, and Mythical Sets only work on Main.

the +100% Item Drop bonus when you have a Main & Hireling is added on after the Item Drop on Equipment is averaged, and is not affected by Item Drop cap.

example, if you are on M3 and your Main has +1012% Luck and the Hireling has +350% Luck, (1012 + 350) / 2 = 1362 / 2 = +681% Luck.

if the Rogue is going to be a Hireling for a Farm Build, make sure her Luck & Item Drop is the same as the Main, and everything else is enough defense to survive and the rest is movement and damage.

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What do you recommend from the legendex rogue catalog, I only have 14 in the eternals for rogue

I’m not really good at that kind of advice. I say that because I’ve had 3-4 different Farm Builds, and now that I’m working on a Main & Hireling Farm Build, I’m thinking of making a totally now Farm Build so that my Main & Hireling synergize better when killing monsters. on top of that, I plan on making a new Floor Climbing Build, as the one I’m using now is slowing down a little.

it kind of comes down to what do you want to use? I could recommend something, but if you think it’s boring… so just use different Items to get an idea of what they’re like, that what I did as a Noob. there are some Items/affixes I don’t like after testing and others that I really like. now that I have more experience, I’d like to test some of the things I didn’t like before to see if I can actually do something with them, just to see if I can.