Rouge gold and legendary farm build

i made a great rouge who finds great gold and at least 1 and all epic items it use lucky pistols with 5+ fortune with max fortune on hero skill cornucopia that has +5 to fortune and +5 pickup radius eternal black sail robes mine have +44.4% storm proc +9 to scattershot +93% gold find skull and bones +47.2% item find +5 scattershot +44.6% gold find ring Fortuna +4 fortune +37.8% gold find +3.5 pickup radius now when i did this my fortune hero skill does 87.5% item drop just that not including the gear 87.5% luck and 87.5% gold find without gear now if you want please give feedback.

What’s with that incomprehensible wall of text :dieter:

Ideal gold farming gear roughly has gold find% enough to reach the cap with the difficulty bonus combined. Pickup radius, item drops, move speed and luck are good to have too. The rest of the free affix slots go to DPS for faster farming. That’s just the normal ideal setup. I’m sure the geniuses here has some tricky combo up their sleeves but I won’t cover that :dieter:

To summarize, that’s me basically saying that anything works with proper affixes. It’s just farming gear anyway.

Unless you improve your post on particular points like the actual equipment, particular pros and cons against average farming builds it will gather dust in the archives :dieter:

Incomprehensible indeed. Even I have trouble following and visualizing. It’s a decent start, I think. Looks like you wouldn’t even be capped on m3 though, which really isn’t where you want to farm anyway, lower difficulty is better.

do you guys want pictures of gear

This helps me a lot… xD


While we’re at it…

But mine’s rarer… Hahaha Peace :laughing:

I didn’t even bother to read the 1st post!! :smiley:

Hahahaha! Can’t argue with that :laughing:

Mine’s more useful for farming though.


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