Rouge Gun build 3.0

Green Affix “Set Affix”
Crushing Flames - Crushing Blow DMG inceased if emeny Immolated
Momentum - Increases DMG of total MS
Adventurer - Increases MS and DMG while gold collected is showing “it helps momentum”
Pathfinder - Reduce and increases DMG by Dodge “for survival”
Nadroji “Bonus”- For farming

Violet Affix “Mythic Set”
Vanish - 10% chance to cast vanish “for survival high floor”
Skilled - Increase DMG +50% to Primary skill “Primary skill Ricochet”
Fury - can put on any slot
Sanctuary - For survival

Red Affix “Legend Affix”
*2 +2Multi Attack - 5 Bullet
Move Speed - For momentum
Push the limit - connected to fury
Glasscannon - For DMG boost sacrifice HP
Element DMG/Crit - Immolate

This is just a test build for the PET you can use any depend on what pet you have but I suggest Rage pet
Rage pet - Inferno set affix
Nature - I suggest Elements or Strength if you want more DMG for farmers Luck is enough


Sample Video


Why you still have 299 Power? Mine is 103. Thats tooooooooo PAWerfull :dog::dog::dog::dog::dog::dog:

Lol maybe thats before the update

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is that 103 power is max or 105 ?

I’ll give you a picture of skills, I’d also like to thank you in advance :wink:

Mine was 103 im level 99 :joy:

mine is 105 :v::ok_hand:

How come you have 2 Nadroji Bonus @Eater .

Only one will work.

It will have 200% enemy rarity

Only one will work lmao. Although there’s a glitch I heard from @Eater that somehow made legend pets drop more often but the enemy rarity will still be 100% as the cap is 100%+ enemy rarity .

It’s probably fixed though and even if it was there, it’s not worth it.

@CuzegSpiked sorry for the bug abuse its now working at patch 3.0 anymore

Not working?

decrease the effectiveness